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Looking for something to read? There will be a new Little Free Library in Arlington soon, constructed by Bruce and Charles! 

As much of the world begins to open up, it’s been an uneven process - Charles and Bruce are still staying safe at home at 6th Street House while many of their fellow core family members are heading back to day programs. They needed a new project to fill the time!

Charles enjoys borrowing from a Little Free Library he visits on neighborhood walks, while Bruce has been tearing through the Harry Potter series. Alice, Home Life Leader at 6th Street, suggested building their own Little Free Library.

They added the library building kit to their Amazon Wish List, unsure of whether or not it would get funded. 

Unknown to them, a group of students they had been working with were about to buy the kit as a gift!
Bruce (top) and Charles are excited for this new project!
Alice and other community members in the Virginia homes spent (online) time with students from the Sacred Heart Network as part of a virtual summer course called "Hearts Open to Inclusion." As a thank you, the Network of Sacred Heart schools saw the Little Library on the Amazon Wishlist and bought it for them, inspired by hearing Bruce talk about his love of Harry Potter.

Now Charles and Bruce are looking forward to building the library, with painting help from Francene and Laurie.

As for their hopes for the Little Free Library, Bruce wants to “share it” and Charles says he hopes that people will visit it and “gain more knowledge in books.” Alice says “We hope to call it "L'Arche's little library" to also spread the word about who we are and that we're part of this neighborhood!” 
Have us come speak at your church, school, workplace or civic organization! L'Arche community members can talk about our L'Arche life, faith practices, disability rights, inclusion, and more.

We can also lead discussion around our new video, My Voice, on the experience of people with intellectual disabilities in the medical field.

We're open for virtual speaking engagements and consider in person events on a case-by-case basis. Email if you're interested or learn more on our website.
Read our blog from last year, diving into the history of disability rights, the impact of the ADA, and how the ADA allows us at L'Arche to live a full life:

“If there wasn’t an ADA, and there wasn’t a societal shift in how policy was created and implemented to support people with disabilities, the risk would be that L’Arche could be very insular,” says Eva-Elizabeth Chisholm, Human Services Leader at L’Arche GWDC. Our community wouldn’t be able to lead our normal lives – there would be no going to restaurants, baseball games, trips and vacations. We couldn’t go to many churches, government buildings, or even get on public transportation.

There's a lot of buzz around the recently introduced Better Care Better Jobs Act, which intends to give more federal funds to home and community-based services for people with disabilities and strengthen the direct care workforce. But the act may be in jeopardy.

Pray with Us

No matter the season of life, our support of one another and our foundation of prayer remains. Join us for our monthly virtual prayer night!

Email us at with any questions.
Slices of Life
Joseph has been going on trips to local parks and pools, as well as walks around the neighborhood.

He especially likes to walk to see the animals outside the local veterinary hospital. One highlight of July was a trip to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Joseph said "I like being outside... the warm is nice."

When asked how he likes to cool off after a hot day, Joseph said any trip to the pool is great because it "helps me be cool."
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