Msg Adams and his wife
Msg Adams and his wife
Dan and his Dog Haus
Dan and his Dog Haus
Dan and John the day Dan left for Afghanistan
Dan and John (his son) the day Dan left for Afghanistan
Last Family picture before Dan was killed
Last Family picture before Dan was killed
Soldiers enjoying a good meal at Lone Star Steak House
Soldiers from 10th Group and Seal Tems enjoying a good meal at Lone Star Steak House before the big game.
Mrs Adams, her kids and fellow soldiers from Msg Adams unit holding a picture of Dan on Heinz field
10th Group Special Forces, Navy Service Members, Msg Adams family and Operation Once in a Lifetime founder Sgt. Patrick Sowers and his wife on Heinz Field
Everyone in the locker room with Troy Polamalu
Dans unit being honored on the 40 yard line
Msg Adams family with Troy Polamalu
Msg Adams
In memory of Msg Adams, Father, Husband, Soldier. You will be missed but never forgotten.



Hi Patrick,

Here are some pictures for you..Let me know if you want more military related ones as well. Some of these pictures are just before Dan deployed to Afghanistan for his 5th deployment. I used to tease Dan and say "you think your perfect don't you" and he would always give me this bigger than the world smile and say "Nope, but I'm as close as it gets.". He doesn't know how right he was. Dan is the best man I have ever known and I thank God for letting us have him as long as we did. He was the best father and husband anyone could ever ask for ... an angel sent just for me. I am sure he was saying "all this for me"to all the people who came from around the world just to be at his service. He had no Idea in life how many people he had touched. I can't think of a single enemy Dan has ever had. The only comfort I have is knowing that he is still with us and can hear us. I know this without a doubt, because the night I found out my punkin would not be walking through that door to us again. I lay in the bed crying asking him to please hold me and give me a sign that he was still with me and could hear me. ( He knows me, and knows I needed a sign to be able to be strong and make it through) I suddenly felt this ease come over me and fell asleep, but only for a few minutes and when I woke up I looked at my new watch and that's when I saw new watched had stopped on the very time I laid down and asked Dan to hold me and give me a sign he was still with me. My new watch stopping was my sign and I find comfort in the fact that he is here with the kids and I watching, listening and still taking care of us in the afterlife as he did in this life. We love him so much and he will be missed dearly by everyone he has ever come into contact with...He makes me want to be a better person and I thrive to be more like him. There is such a huge void in our hearts without him here. Patrick, if you could have been there, as a service member you would have been blown away. They had to have two memorials for Dan in Afghanistan because so many were upset that they missed the first one and when they brought him home there were over 100 men that stormed the airfield to receive him and say their goodbye's The air force said they have never seen such a thing and at his memorial in Germany there were over 400 people that came not to include his Funeral in Ft Bragg. He is so loved by so many and so full of life all the time. I don't know what I am going to do without him. He is such a huge part of me. I hope you enjoy the pictures....








The Adams families dreams come true:


Operation Once in a Lifetime made the dreams of Msg Adams family come true because of the support of our donors, Troy Polamalu, the Pittsburgh Steelers, HJ Heinz and Lone Star Steak House. We were able to bring Msg. Adams family from Stuttgart Germany along with 6 soldiers from Msg Adams unit. Msg. Adams unit 1st Battalion 10th Special Forces Group was honored during the game. After the game Troy Polamalu invites them, Msg Adams family and a group of Navy Seals that Operation Once in a Lifetime also invited to the game to be honored as well into the locker room. This is what it looks like to see the dreams of U.S. Soldiers and their families come true...



The Original Request:


Sgt. Sowers-

My name is SSG(P) Russ Nehmer. I am with the US Army 10th Special Forces Group in Stuttgart, Germany. I happen to remember your name when I worked with you a couple years ago.  A good friend and member of our team was lost this past week in Afghanistan in a fire fight (MSG Danial Adams). See link here:

MSG Adams (Slim was his nickname) had two boys, Jeffery and John, who love football. They, along with there dad, are/were Steelers fans. I have written to the club via normal postal mail and now to Operation Once in a Lifetime to see if the you all, along with the team could do something for the family. A Special tribute, or something from the team to the boys? Any thoughts. I would send the team a flag flown over the base near Kabul if we could make something happen.



MSG Adams was one of our nation's finest warriors; highly-trained, disciplined and motivated, he was the epitome of the Special Forces soldier. A True patriot: John F. Kennedy famously said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."  The U. S. Special Forces' ability to grow relationships and build partner nation capacity is a fundamental aspect in the fight against terrorist threats not only in Afghanistan/Iraq, but around the world.

MSG Adams gave of himself for the country he so dearly loved. 


With the 10th Anniversary of the attacks of 9/11 just days behind us, his death serves as a stark reminder that the battle against terrorism rages on - MSG Adams' sacrifice has only increased our resolve to continue the mission. We will have memorial services this next week to honor this fine soldier.


The most valuable component of Special Forces Green Berets is the people who choose to do and remain committed to this type of work.  We certainly could not do our jobs without the support of our fellow Americans and the local communities. I thank you all for what you do to help out and support the military. I look forward to hearing from you on the above and continue to keep up the good work.


Russ Nehmer 

1-10th SFG (A)


The Proposal:


You might not know but the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of Operation Once in a Lifetimes sponsors and Troy Polamalu is our spokesperson.  We have already talked to Troy and the Steelers and we have come up with a plan to help the family of one of Americas most elite soldiers.  The Steelers are going to allow MSG Adams family to attend a game with 6 soldiers from Fort Bragg (also special forces soldiers) in uniform to honor not just MSG Adams, but all those in the Special Forces community.


How you can help:


  MSG Adams family still resides in Germany till the end of the year while they clear military housing and make arrangements to leave the military community.  We need help raising the funds to be able to fly MSG Adams family from Germany back to the United States for the above event.  Our goal is to raise $4000 to be able to fly MSG Adams wife, 2 sons and daughter back to the United States.  We have arranged everything to make their visit to a Steelers game a memorable one; we just need to get them here.


If you would like to help MSG Adams family please visit and click on donate or please feel free to contact us directly. Help us honor MSG Adams and his family, his sacrifice to protect not just our freedom, but our families and our children will not be forgotten.


Patrick Sowers
Operation Once in a Lifetime

We challenge you!!
Operation Once in a Lifetime would like to challenge everyone who reads this email to do what Mrs. Adams and her family did; join our Aid Brigade by committing to donate $10.00 a month.  Even through her toughest hour Mrs. Adams has committed to give back to that organization that supports her and her husbands fellow soldiers. Visit www, and click on Aid Brigad and you will see Mrs. Adams name on our aid Brigade list, she would be honored if you joined her. Click here to join...


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Dallas, Texas 75379