It's that time of year!

As kids head back to school some are eager to know their new teacher and
meet their friends to tell them about their summer adventures, while others may
be worried about the new year. Here are some tips for a smooth school year start.

We wish everyone the very best for a wonderful school year!
Tips for Parents

Each new school year brings with it the promise of what is to come. For most children that means excitement but for others it can be quite scary. Astor offers some great tips for getting your child ready for the new school year.

  • Starting the new school routine early. Adjust your child’s bed and wake times slowly and encourage them to pick out their clothes for the day.

  • Start talking about school with your kids. Let your children express their excitement or concerns about the upcoming school year. Help them develop strategies for facing their worries.  

  • Plan a school visit. If your child is entering a new school or classroom, plan a visit before the first day. Visit the grounds, and if possible, schedule a meet and greet with the new teacher to have your child become comfortable with the transition.

  • Take it slow the in the first few week. Spread out activities. Let your kids relax and get ready for the school year by connecting with family and friends, and getting lots of stress-free rest.

  • Make Connections. Plan some playdates for your child to foster friendships. Connections with friends at school and a working partnership with your child’s teacher can go a long way to starting the school year out right.
Tips for Teachers

It's not just a new school year for students and parents, but a new year for teachers as well. And with the new year comes new challenges for children who have trouble with behaviors and may prove difficult to teach. To help students who struggle, MHA suggests teachers look into evidence-based programs that support social and emotional learning, and find the good in a difficult student and praise it.

Read more tips for teachers to help students who struggle with emotions or behavior.
Backpack Registry a Success!

Astor Services has collected donations of new backpacks and school supplies for children in our programs. We had a great response from our donors and received backpacks, school supplies, art supplies and other great items.

Thank you to all who donated. Our children and families appreciate your generosity!
Below is a sampling of items we received from our Backpack Registry.
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