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Ikigai: The reason for which you wake up in the morning.
This life view relates well-being with purpose, action and social connection. Author Hector Garcia writes, "Your ikigai is the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing." Finding that intersection brings both focus and joy. It is precisely this life fulfillment that two Reserve farmers, David Scott Jr. and Gene Kingsbury, recently shared as they spoke of their life long dedication to their family farms and the craft of agriculture at the 2017 Royce Hanson Award. In our work in the Reserve, we have witnessed that satisfaction and inner peace in many producers who have answered the call of the land. But whatever your profession, personal goals or stage in life, this purpose exists for each of us and, though sometimes hidden, it is ours to find. It is interesting to note that there is no word for retirement in the Japanese language. Rightly so, as the joy we find in a full and purpose driven life endures.
In this season of thanksgiving and beyond, we wish you and yours the contentment and happiness of ikigai.
If your short-term goal is to get out and about in the beautiful Reserve, the colors are beautiful and the  lovely byways beckon.

With abiding affection,
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Who's Your Farmer - Rocklands Farm and Winery

No time to travel to Napa Valley?...No worries!! Order your holiday wines from close by.
The next time your palate craves the taste of a new fine wine, just jump in your car and head to the Ag Reserve!  In fact, when you visit Rocklands Farm on Montevideo Road - just outside of Poolesville - you can treat your taste buds to some excellent wines and, at the same time, enjoy a drive through one of the more scenic parts of Montgomery County.  You can also shop at their on-farm market for grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised pork, chicken and eggs, along with a variety of other farm products.  Read More

Locally Grown Harvest Meal & Challenge

 Fall is a cozy time to be in a kitchen. The land provides great ingredients - potatoes, greens, apples and all kinds of squash. If your go-to meals need updating, look no further than Plow and Stars Farm in Poolesville that has gathered thousands of amazing recipes on their pinterest page. 

Your kids Might Just Eat: Sweet Potato Boats
Weird but Awesome:  Creamy Pumpkin Pasta 
  Win your Fall PartiesPumpkin Pie Bars
If you are game, consider sourcing as much as possible for your Harvest/Thanksgiving feast from your local farmer, and let us know how you did!  Our Explore Ag Guide is a great place to start.  We want to see what you make! Send your recipes to info@mocoalliance.org and we'll share them. 

The community came together to honor two generations of the Scott family with the Royce Hanson Award.  

Land Link Makes A Match!

We are thrilled to report that Land Link Montgomery has successfully connected wonderful Asbury Methodist Village acreage with producer Gigi Going. This small acreage farm at the well regarded retirement village will provide educational opportunities for the residents as well as sustainably grown produce. We have come to realize that there are many different needs of producers and landowners and getting the fit right takes a little time. As Gigi says, "In my case, I went through a couple of properties and landowners before finding the right fit for me, a small farm for no till growing with associated housing, so I wouldn't have to commute out to the countryside while living in Silver Spring Maryland. The Land Link program is a great way for new farmers to get started in Montgomery County."
Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the little farm at Asbury!

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