It's 7-7-17.  
If Seven is your lucky number  than today is your lucky day.
July 7, 2017
Our Commander of Embarrassment is in Europe attending the G20 Summit and will have a powwow with his BFF Putin, today.  His arrival to Poland earlier in the week was met by protests of his Paris Accord withdrawal and his speech was pessimistic about the future of civilization.  But let's focus on something more fun to report.  Last week's, he posted a CNN twitter attack which was followed up with this clever response.  Hope this brings a smile to your weekend:

The Tweet Meister 

Our country was built on the backs of brave, strong, dedicated appreciative immigrants, many of them were our grandparents or great grandparents.  Lin Manuel Miranda deftly demonstrates and dedicates his new video called Immigrants (We get the job done) to those trailblazers.
Our fake "commander" fakely portrays immigrants as criminals and terrorist. In fact, most risk life and limb just to reach our golden shores hoping for a better life for their families.  Yes, we need a system moving forward that is fair, humane and beneficial to all but until we get a Grown Up in the White House, we should sideline this fake priority. Also, on this subject, bravo to (our Michigan) Wayne County Sheriff, Benny Napoleon (yes, he has a cool name), for standing up to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) which is illegally requesting that our Country's Counties keep immigrant detainees beyond their release dates. Mixing the police with deportation strains their community relations and hampers crime reporting. 

While on the page of praising our local civil servants, a bravo is due to our Governor  Rick Snyder for vetoing (last week) the anti-abortion license plate bill which would have garnered funding to fight abortion rights. Sadly, 29 other States allow this political "choose life" ploy to seep into their coffers and contaminate the sacred separation of our religious beliefs and state government. 

Another bravo is due to the German Government which last weekend approved Marriage Equality with a Parliamentary Vote even though Angela Merkel remained opposed to the issue. This opens the options for Gays to marry and raise children.  Germany joins Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, France, the UK (except Northern Ireland and Jersey), and the Republic of Ireland.  The two countries which only allow civil partnerships are Austria and Italy. 

Gay Rights is not a cause our newest Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch is supporting.  In fact, his record and opinions have now confirmed the opinion of many that he is continuing the conservative views of his predecessor, Justice Scalia.  Gorsuch supports the right of religion invading our government, gun protections, gay discrimination and campaign funding (every issue I oppose). And with his lifetime appointment at the young age of 49, he could affects these crucial decisions for 3 if not 4 more decades. Yikes! That's worse than a 4 year Trump presidency. And most likely, 80 year old Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire within the current presidential term.  Replacing Scalia with another "Scalia" evens the score, but Kennedy is a swing vote and if Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress replaces him, it would swing SCOTUS drastically to the right. Double Yikes!

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and Voter Fraud fit together like hand and glove. They are all overblown with no evidence of their existence.  So don't be surprised if we read about the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot Integrity Commissions just as there is now a President's Advisory Commision of Election Integrity wasting our taxpayers time and money. Remember, our  Fake Commander (FC) accerted that millions of people voted illegally affecting the popular vote (which he insists he won). The FC appointed the (conspiracy theory prone) Kansas Sec. of State, Kris Kobach as the Commission's Vice Chair with Mike Pence as the Chair.  Last week a letter was sent to all 50 Secretaries of State asking for this voter info data:
-full first, middle, last name
-date of birth 
-political party
-last four digits of social security number
-voter history from 2006 onward
Most Secretaries found this request over (the invasion of privacy) line and 44 have denied some or all of the data.

BDS BS has invaded NYC's Lincoln Center where the Israeli play "To the End of the Land" will be perform in late July.  The play is based on a novel by Israeli author  David Grossman (I'm reading his book "A Horse walks into a Bar"), so, of course, it must be boycotted. Here is the article that explains this bias bigoted attack 
And here is the open letter signed by the blind haters of Israel and Jews:
As I've repeatedly admitted, Israel is far from perfect and the current Prime Minister has overstayed his welcome, but it is even farther from the false accusation the BDS movement uses to garner support.  If anyone is to blame for the atrocious situation the Palestinians live under, it is the Palestinian leadership who (for decades) refuses to provide a democratic existence for their people but instead continues to focus on the destruction of Israel. 
"To the End of the Land"

"Summertime Is In Our Hands",  literally as I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season and musically with this sweet meaningful dance-friendly video by  Michael Franti .  Watch till the end to understand the appreciation and enjoyment of life. Fly with the wind in you hair, Cleanse your soul, Take the road less traveled, Find the light, Dance every day, Have a beer with a stranger, Trust your heart, Look fear in the eye, Embrace crazy, Swim like a mermaid...  
And if you love this video like I did, you can join the movement    which uses music to help Heal and bring Hope to those who are in deep need of healing.  

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom


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