Shabbat Shalom
October 20, 2017
Not since WWII have we had a global refugee crisis like we have today.  Over  65 million people have lost their homes due to conflict or disasters and are living in desperate conditions either in refugee camps or as nomads travelling the world. In the 10 months of this year alone, 9 million men, women and children have been displaced and these numbers continue to grow.  Here is a website that provides global details of this displacement:  Famous Chinese dissident and artist  Ai Weiwei, just last week, completed an NYC art installation about this inhumane condition which was accompanied by the opening of his documentary called  "Human Flow" . Here is the trailer for the film: 
T he NY Public Art Fund sponsored 300 of Ai Weiwei's pieces throughout all 5 boroughs. One of his larger symbols, "Gilded Cage" is in view of  Trump Tower sending the message that "fences (don't) make good neighbors" I look forward to viewing some of these art pieces as we spend this weekend in NYC.   We are one human race meant to take care of each other like family.  We need to work harder to find commonality and to wipe out the hatred felt by so many.  

Since he (thankfully) hasn't been able to accomplish his mantra of Repeal and Replace, the occupant of both Trump Tower and our nation's Oval Office, instead, is working hard to sabotage our Healthcare System by instituting at least 12 initiatives that have weakened Americans access to medical care. From ending low-income subsidies, to shutting down the enrollment website on Sundays to posting anti-ACA videos online. The NY Times has a complete list of his disgraceful efforts.  
He has always said "wait till it implodes..." but what he's doing is imploding it himself.  Here's a thought, how about doing your job by leading the congress to develop a plan to fix the issues of the ACA system. Bravo to the bipartisan effort of Washington Dem Patty Murray and Tennessee Repub Lamar Alexander for creating a deal to help fix Health Care to counter POTUS' sabotaging efforts. Since #45 is against this deal, they will need to get 67 votes to also counter his veto threat. 

Taking Sides
He drew a line in the sand and asked for loyalty.  No other artist has ever made his career an "all or nothing" option. But Eminem made a 4 minute Rap Rant against Trump at last week's BET Awards show which went viral. Are you Team Eminem ** or Team Kid Rock? Both musicians are from Macomb County, yet from different sides of the track.  Kid Rock grew up on the wealthier side and became a huge Trump supporter while fakely tempting to run for US Senate against Debbie Stabenow. Eminem grew up on the poor side, has no intention of running for office but his rap on our current POTUS spotlighted major concerns like avoiding a Nuclear Holocaust, combating Racism and supporting Colin Kaepernick.   The one standing in the middle who's appalled by this divisiveness is ex-Green Beret (and former football player)  Nate Boyer who suggested to Kaepernick to take a knee in the first place.  Now he's writing to Every. Single. American. (as he puts it) to quit fighting from each side and come together and compromise.  

All they wanted was independence and a home of their own, but both Spain and Iraq are fighting against the recent referendums and efforts of their northern residents. Spain plans to take back control of Catalonia on Saturday and Iraq did the same for the Kurd , who had  been brave soldiers against ISIS. The Iraqi military took their (oil-rich) land of Kirkuk (which they held for 3 years).  There are 30 million stateless Kurds who live  in parts of Turkey Iraq Iran Armenia  and  Syria.  They are mostly Sunni Muslim but they have their own language and rituals  

Taylor Force Act
The most complicated of all conflicts is, of course, the Israeli-Palestinian dispute entering its 70th year.  The two Palestinian governments (Hamas and Palestinian Authority) have tried many times to unite with the most recent attempt this week. One of the many problems is that Hamas is a (certified) Terrorist entity with its main goal of Israel's destruction.  So how can Israel "negotiate" with a "peace partner" whose aim is annihilation.  And then you've got the PA which monetarily rewards terrorist and their families for killing Jews.  Their "Martyr Fund" distributed $344,313,451 to terrorists in prison or to the families of suicide attackers.  This equals nearly 1/2 of the foreign aid the PA receives.  This must stop and the AJC is asking us to help by contacting Congress to encourage support of the revised Taylor Force Act which requires the PA to be forceful in its anti-violence actions before it receives any foreign aid.

Monthly salary converts to $400 and increases based on this chart. (12,000 Israeli shekels = $3,425.57 per month if their jail time is over 30 month)

One of the main concerns in our county is the severe Opioid addiction. Of course POTUS wanted to install a Drug Czar who had experience helping the "other team" of this epidemic.  Thankfully after a 60 Minutes  exposé, he withdraw his name from consideration.  64,000 people overdosed in our nation last year.  That is an increase of 22% from the previous year and the rates continue to climb. Medical examiners in every city are completely overwhelmed as their efforts double and triple by the day.  There are many to blame for this issue but we must move past the blame game and onto a concrete action plan to address the problem.  Maybe we should look at other countries who have been successful at dealing with this epidemic.  

Detroit and 150 other America's cities submitted their Amazon proposal in hopes of landing the coveted location for HQ2. 50,000 jobs will be created and $5 billion will be spent on the new Headquarters.  The final decision will be made next year.  Odds have Detroit as a dark horse but we're fighters with a strong spirit to succeed.  Bravo to the our city's team who worked on this project.  Fingers Crossed for Detroit.  Check out this amazing Detroit video to help convince Jeff Bezos to "Move Here. Move the World."  

This weekend will bring me to a viewing of Dear Evan Hansen and in honor of the lead, Ben Platt's November departure from his famous role, here is a video to welcome his buddies who will be replacing him on main stage.  If you're fans of both Ben and Earth, Wind and Fire, then you'll doubly enjoy this youtube:
Wishing you and your family a 
Peaceful and Sweet Shabbat Shalom. 


P.S. Bravo to Kellogg for posting this video in honor of Spirit Day which brings awareness the need to protect the LGBTQ community and sends a strong anti-bullying message. 

** As a side note,  Gaza  is included in the documentary however the 
Palestinians (via  Hamas) control Gaza so not sure why Palestinians are (70 year) refugees on their own land. The UN had a  temporary and   separate  agency (UNRWA) just for the  original  750,000 Palestinian who were displaced after 1948, who have now grown (through  children , grandchildren and great-grandchildren) to a  permanent  agency for 5.6 million who refuse to leave the refugee camps till Israel is eliminated.  Google UNRWA for more info

**  Bravo to the Pistons for inviting  Eminem to open the inaugural (Detroit City) basketball game at Little Caesars Arena this week and congrats to the Piston for their victory against the Charlotte Hornets. 

Condolences to the Gottlieb family on the passing of Harold Gottlieb z"l (age 86).  Harold was the husband of Sarah Gottlieb and father of David, Cary and Stephen (z"l) Gottlieb.  He was a pillar in our community and sponsored many music events throughout the years. May his memory and spirit bring comfort to those who mourn his loss.

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I am a certified circulator for a Michigan petition to place a proposal on our 2018 Ballot to amend our constitution to establish an  Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission to End Gerrymandering.  Petitions can only be signed in person and this issue is vital to rightsize our voting districts. If you'd like to sign it, please reply back to this email.

October 25  (Wednesday)
Forgotten Harvest Fundraiser
Farms To Hungry Tables
Women's Harvest Breakfast @ Detroit Athletic Club and/or
Dinner Event @ Grosse Pointe Yacht Club
Also, Pampered Chef is donating 30% of sale proceeds to Forgotten Harvest Farms through 11/8/17

October 26 (Thursday)
The Great Big Challah Bake
Royal Oak Farmers Market

October 28 (Saturday)
Cabaret 313
Kyle Riabko. Close to You: Bacharach Reimagined
If you are a Bacharach fan, like will NOT want to miss this show. This was one of my favorite shows I've even seen in NYC. I'm excited he'll be in Detroit and assume tickets will go fast. 

October 30  (Monday) 
JAC Membership event
Home of Roz Blanck
9:15 Registration and Breakfast
9:45 - 10:45am Program
Featuring:  Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow
JAC is Joint Action Committee on Political  Affairs supporting Israel, Reproductive Rights and Separation of Religion and State. For more  details please email or check out website at or to register for the event:

November 1 (Wednesday) - New Listing
Friends of the IDF Michigan Chapter 
21st  Annual Gala Dinner
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
Guest Speaker: Lior Raz from Netflix series "Fauda"

November 3  (Friday) 
Detroit Public TV 
Detroit Performs Live 
3rd annual celebration of Motorcity Music
The Fillmore in Detroit
6:30pm Doors open and VIP Strolling Dinner
8:00-9:30pm Live concert, broadcast, and worldwide live-stream
Featuring:  Ruben Studdard, Alexander Zonjic & the Motor City Horns, Ethan Daniel Davidson, Jill Jack, and The Miracles Revue featuring Mark Scott. 
Ticket and sponsorship info at

November 6 (Monday) - New Listing
JARC 37th Annual Fall Fundraiser
British Rock Invasion with the DSO
The Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center

November 7 (Tuesday)
Election Day

November 10 (Friday) - 
Levin Center at Wayne State University Law School
Presents a day-long conference on 
Current Issues in Immigration Law:
- Immigration Detention
- Sanctuary Cities
- Iraqi Deportations in Detroit
- Travel Ban
Conference is free but advanced registration is required

November 16 (Thursday) 
City Year Women's Leadership Breakfast
Colony Club
2310 Park Ave, Detroit 48201
7:00 - 8:00am Registration and Networking
8:00 - 9:00am Breakfast and Program

November 16 (Thursday)
An Evening with Friends of Jewish Senior Life
In memory of Jeffrey Zaslow z"l
Featuring pianist David Syme
Also performing Cantor Michael Smolash and the Hillel Choir
The Berman Theatre at the West Bloomfield JCC
Patrons tickets at $118; general tickets at $54 and $36.
For tickets visit
Or call the Berman Box Office at 248-661-1900.  
For more information:
Beth Tryon 248.592.5026 or

November 17 (Friday)
Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation
5th Annual "Puttin on the Ritz"
Honoring: Congressman Sandy Levin
Villa Penna in Sterling Heights

November 20 (Monday)
MIBB Educational Foundation Ambassador Awards Dinner
Knollwood Country Club
5050 W. Maple Rd.
West Bloomfield Township
5:30 Reception
6:30 Dinner
Mark Davidoff - Chuck Newman Impact Award
Plasan Sasa Israel - Bridge Builder Award
George Roberts - Young Professional Award

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