Happy Labor Day
Shabbat Shalom 
September 1, 2017
Eventful Week
It was a momentous week as we approach the Labor Day Holiday and our symbolic end to Summer. From an Unprecedented Pardon to a Ballistic Bombshell to a Transgender Transgression to the Climatic Catastrophe.  Hope the week to come brings healing to those affected by this week's demons. 

Climate Catastrophe
Harvey (officially labeled the worst storm in US history) walloped the Gulf Coast with 130 mph winds and dumped 20 Trillion gallons of water (50 inches of rain, more than Michigan gets in a whole year) on Texas causing massive flooding and wreaking havoc that will take years to repair. The excessive water caused two explosions at a nearby chemical plant, spewing toxic plumes into the air.  Harvey didn't just come and go, he lingered for 6 days and then scooted eastbound to soak  Katrina Victims who are still scarred from their disaster, which occurred exactly 12 years earlier. 30 people (and counting) have lost their lives, over 4,000 were rescued from the floods, 1/3 of Harris County was under water (15 times the size of Manhattan) and 40,000+ homes have been damaged.  Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and the economic damage from this catastrophe could exceed $125 Billion. When global disasters hit, Israel is always the first to respond with boots on the ground, though you won't see headlines about it.  Even without the accolades, 2 teams of relief experts from IsraAID and iAid are helping to support the physical and emotional needs of the victims.  https://www.israel21c.org/israel-sends-aid-to-flood-battered-texas/
To help the victims you can donate to...
- Our National Jewish Community's relief efforts:
- Or to this list of charities provided by NPR:
Before & After video showing the Houston damage:

Depth and Breadth
How did Harvey become so powerful?  Well, for the first time EVER, the surface temp of the Gulf of Mexico never dropped below 
73 degrees last Winter.  Warmer weather causes more 
evaporation which causes more rainfall. Yes, my friends, our "debated" Man-Made Climate Change resulted in Harvey's depth and breadth. We aren't completely to blame but our neglect and disrespect of the environment is a major contributing factor.  

Best Foot Forward
Not to nit-pic, but when  Mr. and Mrs. 45 (as they advertized on their hats), visited the devastation, their behavior was rather unpresidential. With the seriousness of the situation, POTUS made too many light hearted comments about Harvey's name, praised the crowd for the great turnout, made light of working with congressional "characters", while FLOTUS (written on her hat) choose her flood proof stilettos as a statement. Yes, there was a costume change into sneakers on Air Force One, but the stiletto image and message was set in print. These are minor distraction, but most disturbing was that, during all his Talking Head moments, not once did he acknowledge the grief and distress of the victims. As usual, narcissism trumped the mind of 45 leaving no room for compassion to express itself. 

Stiletto on the Other Foot
Lastly on this Texas disaster is the disastrous Junior Senator Ted Cruz, who (5 years ago) during the funding debate for Hurricane Sandy relief (which devastated NY and NJ), received 3 pinocchios (meaning he was full of BS) about his assessment that the bill was 3/4 pork which he uses to rationalize his subsequent vote against it. Low and behold, now the "stiletto" is on the other foot and his State needs National relief funding. Eventhough NY and NJ legislators were perturbed during the Sandy relief era, they pledged not to punish Texans for their compassionless Senator.   http://www.businessinsider.com/hurricane-harvey-chris-christie-ted-cruz-sandy-vote-2017-8  By the way, I'm almost finished reading Senator Al Franken's new book and the one person he rails against the most is the collectively despised Ted Cruz.  Franken dedicates a whole chapter to his contempt of Cruz. Great book, Giant of the Senate, I highly recommend it. 

Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Last Friday, #45 made the unprecedented maneuver to pardon his racist buddy,  County Sheriff Joe Arpaio without Judicial Committee oversight.  Now, 17 House Dems are requesting a hearing to investigate the Pardon.  Just because he Can, doesn't make it Right. Also, he conveniently did his deed right before Harvey struck, knowing the media would be focused elsewhere.  "Cruel and unusual" was Sheriff Joe's favorite kind of punishment.  He nicknamed his tented jail a "concentration camp". 2,000 prisoners were forced to suffer in unsafe living conditions in 115 degree temps without sufficient water and with minimal hygiene facilities.  The suicide rate jumped to 24% during his reign, compared to 9% in NYC. He racially profiled all brown skinned people and snubbed his nose at the Federal Judge's requirement to stop his racist egregious actions which resulted in his criminal contempt conviction.  He is a sick sadistic thug and of course a BFF of The Donald's.  He was finally voted out of office last November but POTUS saved him from Jail Time...for now.  https://www.colorlines.com/articles/history-violence-joe-arpaios-racist-crusade-against-latinxs

Trans Ban
Our Perverted POTUS had a busy Friday last week.  After his pathetic pardon, he then attacked the LGBT community, instituting a ban on Transgender military enlistees while directing Defense Sec. Mattis to determine what to do with the Trans soldiers who are currently serving.  There is an estimate 15,000 active/reservist soldiers and Mattis is currently keeping their jobs safe but will be investigating the best way to promote:  "military readiness, lethality, and unit cohesion".  This hateful bias action is par for the course for our shortsighted, closed-minded incompetent president.  Mueller, where are you with your investigation...?
Crazy vs. Crazy
Not since WWII has the "Take Cover" siren blared in Japan...that is until last week when the egomaniacal North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un decided to fire rockets over the non-aggressive islands of Japan. Which now has Japan contemplating their 7 decade dedication to a non-aggressive military status. Meanwhile, Un's next target is the sea surrounding our US territorial island of Guam. Between their unstable dictator and our unstable narcissist, who knows where this conflict will end up. 

Keep Right 
How hard is it to stay in the Right Lane unless you are passing another vehicle.  The  Left Lane is for Passing and the  Right Lane is for Slower Drivers.  We've now taken two road trips in the last few weeks.  Last weekend was from Detroit to DC and inevitably, people continue to mess up the well-oiled traffic machine by ignoring the blatant signs that clearly states:  "Left Lane is for Passing Only".   Frustration sets in easily as oblivious drivers continue to ignore the road rules.  I included this explicit video (after last year's road trip) of why it is important to follow the rules.  Please share it with those who are still oblivious.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oqfodY2Lz0

Labor Day
Oregon was the leader of the pact when it was the first State to declare  Labor Day a public holiday in 1887.  It wasn't until 7 years later that it became a Federal Holiday.  There is much to do around this nation to celebrate the Working Force with lots of special event in Michigan, including...
-  38th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival
-   Mackinac Bridge Walk
- The 20th anniversary of Art, Eats and Beats
- The Michigan State Fair's 5th year in Novi
- The Michigan Peach Festival in Romeo
- The Franklin Labor Day Round Up and Art in the Village
- Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Love & Comedy Tour
- US Navy Blue Angels at Willow Run
For more details of these and other events, please check out this article:   http://on.freep.com/2eHAKwF

Quote for the Week
With all of the divisiveness in our country today (and I'm guilty of POTUS pummelling) and with Congress returning to work, this quote by Martin Luther King Jr. seems an appropriate reminder for all to hear: 
"We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. 
Or, we will perish together as fools."

Wishing you and your family a 
Sweet and Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a meaningful Labor Day Celebration.


Mazel tov to dear friends,  Steve and Julie Schlafer on this weekend's wedding of their son,  Bradley Schlafer to his love,  Carly Freedman .   May the newlyweds enjoy health, happiness, peace and prosperity for many years to come.

Condolences to fans, friends and family on the passing of MSU's former Basketball Coach, Jud Heathcote (age 90) who rose to fame as he and Magic Johnson brought the University its first national NCAA championship in 1979 (my Freshman year there). 

We remember the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death on Aug. 31, 1997 as her sons Princes William and Harry carry on her legacy. 

Bravo to the Centennial Anniversary of the United Way for servicing our community (Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties) of 100 years. They celebrated with a custom-made shirt now gracing the Spirit of Detroit.

Sept. 1st
Shelley Wright
Susie Sills
Ben Rosenthal

Sept. 2nd
Michal Lis 
Iair Raviv
Brenda Herman (Happy 60th)
Brenda Abrams Josephs 
Bobby Wolok
Dana Kaplan-Warsh (Happy 60th)

Sept. 3rd
Ariella Lis Raviv (Our First Born)
Diane Klein
Alicia Lewis Stillman
Thane Richard
Ilana Wolfson
Sept. 4th
David Broza 
Larry August
Julie Hermelin (Happy 50th) 
Sept. 5th
Lorelei Berg
Or Targownick
Shelley Wish Chaness
Lori Schaefer Bacher
Kristy Pagan
Sheila Goldberg
Michael Gray
Jeffrey Appel
Sept. 6th
Barbara Revich
Chase Kukes
Brian Guz
Lisa Pernick
Congressman Sandy Levin
David Sherbin
Sept. 7th
Michael Rubyan
Sandy Kestenberg Shecter
Shirley Benyas

I'm prone to mistakes, so if I missed your birthday 
or got the wrong date, please let me know.

September 6 (Wednesday)
Annual Meeting and Recognition Event
Honoring Community Volunteer: Barbara Kratchman
Great Lake Culinary Center
Southfield, MI

September 7 (Thursday)
Hadassah's Opening Meeting
Shaarey Zedek
Guest Speaker: Rita Rudner

September 8 (Friday)
Discussion to end Gerrymandering
Birmingham Temple
28611 Twelve Mile Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
Guest Speakers:
State Rep. Jeremy Moss
State Rep. Christine Grieg
Rep. from Voters Not  Politicians

September 9 (Saturday) 
Lake Toba Concert 
Intimate folk concert by our daughter Liat Tova Lis and her partner Kyle McGonegle.
West Bloomfield Yoga Shelter at Orchard Mall 
6337 Orchard Lake Rd
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
$18 per person, pay at door
8:00pm Doors open
8:30-10:00pm Concert
Space limited, please RSVP

September 13 (Wednesday)
Jewish Women's Foundation
Women Lighting the Way
18th year anniversary
Featuring Cabaret Performer, Liz Callaway
Max and Marjorie Fisher Music Center

September 14 (Thursday) 
Duvdevan Foundation Event
Dinner and presentation by elite commandos of Israel Defense Forces special unit.
Our home
RSVP to me to receive address

September 18 (Monday)
The Jewish Ensemble Theatre (JET)
29th Annual Gala
The Capitol Steps
Temple Israel

September 23 (Saturday)
Camp Sea-Gull Reunion
Camp Ticonderoga 
5725 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085 
Please RSVP at this site:

September 23  (Saturday) 
Cabaret 313
An Evening with Tony Award Nominee Carmen Cusack
The Players Clubhouse
3321 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48207
Two shows: 7:00pm and 9:30pm
$55 Dinner Package at the Rattlesnake Club prior to Second Performance. Call  313-405-5061  for more information.

September 25 (Monday)  
Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Dinner
Jewish Community Center
West Bloomfield

October 2 (Monday)
Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic
Esteemed Women of Michigan Event
Centerpoint Marriott  in Pontiac, Michigan
Mazel Tov to these friends:
Betty Chu:  Chief Medical Officer Henry Ford West Bloomfield
Sari Cicurel : Public Relations Detroit Jewish News
Dr. Eva Feldman Professor of Neurology University of Michigan
Shari Finsilver:  President of International Essential Tremor Foundation
Monni Must : Owner of Naturally Photography
Harriet Orley : President Hebrew Free Loan
Lisa Wozniak:   Executive Director Michigan League of Conservation Voters
For the full list:

October 5 (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
Innovation in Conservation Awards Gala
Westin Book Cadillac
DTE Energy
State Rep. Stephanie Chang
Jalonne White-Newsome (Kresge Foundation)

October 8  (Sunday)
Hadassah's 100th Anniversary Gala
Detroit Institute of Arts
Rivera Court
October 10  (Tuesday)
Women of Vision
Featuring : Author Jennifer Weiner
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha Director  of Peds @ Flint Hospital
Dana Nessel Litigator for LGBTQ  Rights
Edie Resnick Jewish Community Champion

October 13 (Friday)
Weight Watchers
Remarkable Women's Luncheon
The Henry
For more info:
Cheryl 248-479-1356
Donna 248-479-1377

October 14 (Saturday)
Humble Design
Gigs for Digs fundraiser concert
Mayer Hawthorne
The Fillmore in Detroit

October 16  (Monday)
Yad Ezra Annual Fundraiser
Honoring:  Aimee and Richard Simtob
Congregation Shaarey Zedek

October 18 (Wednesday) - New Listing
Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB)
Annual Meeting
Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit
Conference Room Area, Room F
6735 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

October 19 (Thursday)
Exploring the Jewish Art and Artists in the Private Collection of Doreen and David (z'l") Hermelin
Save the date for this docent-led, first-of-its-kind benefit for the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan at the Hermelin home. More details coming soon.

Parting Thoughts...