Shabbat Shalom
September 15, 2017
Shana Tova 5778
"The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"
Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are the "Days of Awe" when we reflect on our year's worth of behavior... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We hope the good outweighs the bad and ugly, but if not, this is our time to make amends to ourselves, our family/friends and to God.  On Rosh Hashana we are given the opportunity to be written in the Book of Life for one more year and on Yom Kippur, our names are hopefully sealed.  May the Book of Life include your names and the names of your loved ones for this coming year of 5778 and may it be a healthy and sweet year for all.

"The Perfect Storm" 
Mother Earth has been furious with vengeance from Harvey, to Irma, to the West Coast Wildfires, to Mexico's Earthquake, to the Monsoon Floods in Bangladesh, and on and on.  Yes, this planet is live and volatile but we seem to be experiencing extra volatility lately...So is this the right time to talk about our human disregard of the planet. Yes, Mr. 45 and Mr. Scott Pruitt (EPA head who's anti-environmental protections), it is exactly the time to talk about the affects our man-made pollutants are having on the only home we have. God forbid we talk about geology after an Earthquake or Gun Control after a mass murder.  Remember, there is No Planet B. Those in power and with power never seem to be affected by the disasters so they don't feel the pain, but millions are now in distress and need help, hope and all hands on deck. Especially for those in the Florida Keys and for the grieving families of the 8 elderly victims who died after their nursing home lost electricity and AC.  So, yes, now is this time to rally and encourage global leaders to help reverse our negative effects of Global Warming for the sake of our children's children. 

"Terms of Endearment" 
We started the week with a memorial to the 2,977 victims of the horrific attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but there are thousands of other victims of this tragedy that have gotten sideswiped and forgotten. Over 1,000 people (many of them First Responders) have died as a result of the toxic fumes at Ground Zero.  There is an estimate that 37,000 people are still sick due to the exposure and some assume that within the next several years, deaths of these victims will exceed those killed on 9/11. It was like pulling teeth to get these victims medical aid from our government, but thankfully the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act was renewed in 2015 and will be in effect till 2090.  This week an intergenerational tragedy occurred with the death, from brain Cancer, of 1st Responder Robert  Alexander exactly one year after his father, Raymond Alexander died, also from Cancers related to Ground Zero toxins. And in related news,  Bernie Sander is attempting to institute Health Care for all.  This should be the goal of all those representing us in Congress.  Let's hope it happens within our lifetime.

"The Ten Commandments"
Sometimes the Autocorrect for texting ranges from funny to strange. Last weekend it "corrected" a text of mine from "Shavua Tov" to "Sharia Tov".  Shavua Tov means "good week' and is customarily said at the end of Shabbat.  Sharia, on the other hand, is Islamic law covering both religious and secular behavior and includes specific brutal punishment for infractions.  Sharia law is fully or partially followed in most Muslim majority countries and majority of Muslims (from devote to moderate) agree with all or many of the laws.  Our current global nemesis is Extreme Radical Islamists who believe in converting the world's population to Islam (and Sharia Law) via terrorist methods. We've been told that only a small fraction of the 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world fit into this extreme category. But this 5 minute very informative video produced by the Prager University (a nonprofit conservative institution) and featuring Hussein Aboubakr, who was raised in Egypt and attended Muslim schools, has an interesting and concerning viewpoint of Moderate Muslims and the need for serious reform of the Islamic religion.

 "The Color of Money"
Debt it obsolete?  The first ceiling was set during WWI when extra funding was needed to combat the enemy.  Not surprisingly, the next time it came up with WWII and then again ever since. Government does need to curtail its spending especially for wasteful expenditures, but too many lobbied legislators won't give up on their costly pet projects.  Here is a brief (easy to watch) video on the basics of Debt Ceiling by Ron Elving: 
Why do I bring up Debt Ceiling?   For two reasons...1. Trump is flirting with its removal and 2. Four Texas Republican Congressmen just "cut off their noses to spite their faces" as they voted against Hurricane Harvey aid because it included a Debt Ceiling rise in the bill.   Now, I do think bills should be single issued but, unfortunately, that's not how the game is placed in DC.  

"Do the Right Thing" 
The Talmud has this beautiful quote that perfectly describes Reverend Robert W. Lee IV who is the Great (to the 4th) nephew of Robert E. Lee.
"Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. 
Do justly, now.
Love mercy, now. 
Walk humbly now. 
You are not obligated to complete the work, 
but neither are you free to abandon it."
Yes, if he were alive today, Robert E. Lee might shun his nephew due to his extreme opposite conviction.  Our current day Robert Lee preaches peace, unity, compassion, equality and the removal of all monuments and the renaming of all schools/buildings honoring his late (not so) great uncle. His humane preaching, at last month's MTV video awards show, where he introduced the Charlottesville  victim, Heather Heyer's mother, was the last straw for some in his Winston-Salem congregation, so much so, he was forced to resign.  Bravo to all those who continue on the bumping road of righteousness even when it accompanies  hardship.  

Reverend Robert W. Lee IV with
Susan Bro (mother of Heather Heyer)

"The Sound of Music"
Our demon of pessimism often has complaining about current woes and yearning for those good old days.  With this in mind, here is this week's awesome funk cover of the most covered song in history.  Can you guess what it is before you click to listen?
"Love Actually" 
Lastly, Irma roared her destruction on the heels of Harvey but for 75 years, another Irma and Harvey have been hand in hand to witness nearly of century of American History from their first airplane viewing during the depression to watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon. Irma (93) and Harvey (104) Schluter are still going strong but with much less devastation than their namesakes.

Irma and Harvey took their vows when FDR was President.

Wishing you and your family a 
Peaceful Shabbat Shalom and a Sweet and Healthy Rosh HaShana.


P.S.  Welcome home to this year's cohorts of Detroit Expats enjoying the marvels of hometown landmarks, including the opening event at the long abandoned Train Station.  Bravo to the founders and committee of Detroit Homecoming IV.  May this initative continue to strengthen connections and bring prosperity to our region. 
Inside peak of Michigan Central Train Station

Condolences to the Zeltzer family on the passing of Barry Zeltzer z"l (age 22), a recent U of M grad with a bright future.  Sadly, an undiagnosed tumor ended his young life and devastated his family and friends. May his parents Elliot and Susan Zeltzer, his brothers Stuart and Paul and his extended family be comforted by their memories of him and may he be a blessing unto his community. 

Condolences Gayle Goodman and the Goodman family on the abrupt passing of Arnie Goodman z"l (age 63) from a heart attack. May his love and spirit bring comfort to those who mourn his death and may he be a blessing unto his family and friends. 

Condolences to David (Michele) Colburn and Robert (Meredith) Colburn and their families on the passing of David and Robert's mother, Sharron Colburn z"l. May her spirit and memories bring comfort to those who knew and loved her and may she be a blessing unto her family and community. 

September 15th
Eli Mayerfeld
Irwin Wright
Diane Farber
Omri Winterberger 

Sept. 16th
Matthew Levine 
Amy Roth 
Gavin Dyer

Sept. 17th
Bonnie Laker Winkler

Sept. 18th
Risa Kraft Brickman
Patti Kelter
Joel Schwartz
Ruth Broder

Sept. 19th
(sister) Sheri Mark
Carol Meizels
Mark Bernstein
Daniel Kahn
JoAnne Shaye Dobrick

Sept. 20th
Colleen Peters 
De McBroom 
Julie DeMaria 
Mary Hanlon Stone
Lori Cohen Weberman
Leah Ann Kleinfeldt
Nancy Grosfeld
Rick Chesbrough
Elizabeth Lykins
Sandy Zoldan Colvin
Elizabeth Welch
Carrie Lachman
Joshua Tukel

Sept. 21st
Kathy Brickner Finkel
Andy Dyer
Jan Klein

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Please Help
I am a certified circulator for a Michigan petition to place a proposal on our 2018 Ballot to amend our constitution to establish an  Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission to End Gerrymandering.  Petitions can only be signed in person and this issue is vital to rightsize our voting districts. If you'd like to sign it, please reply back to this email.

September 17 & 18
Listing for Chicago Friends
Fundraisers for Elissa Slotkin running for Congress in Michigan's 8th District (hopefully soon to be un-gerrymandered).  Elissa is highly qualified, brilliant and well worth meeting and supporting. 

September 18 (Monday)
The Jewish Ensemble Theatre (JET)
29th Annual Gala
The Capitol Steps
Temple Israel

September 23 (Saturday)
Camp Sea-Gull Reunion
Camp Ticonderoga 
5725 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085 
Please RSVP at this site:

September 23  (Saturday) 
Cabaret 313
An Evening with Tony Award Nominee Carmen Cusack
The Players Clubhouse
3321 East Jefferson Avenue
Detroit, MI 48207
Two shows: 7:00pm and 9:30pm
$55 Dinner Package at the Rattlesnake Club prior to Second Performance. Call  313-405-5061  for more information.

September 25 (Monday)  
Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Dinner
Jewish Community Center
West Bloomfield

October 2 (Monday)
Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit Annual Meeting
Berman Center of Performing Arts 
West Bloomfield JCC
Open and free to public
Honoring with the Fred Butzel Memorial Award: 
Very Worthy Allan Nachman - Mazel Tov
Incoming Federation President:
The Remarkable Beverly Liss - Mazel Tov dear cous.
Incoming Foundation President:
The Fantastic Alan Jay Kaufman  - Mazel Tov

October 2 (Monday)
Gary Burnstein Community Health Clinic
Esteemed Women of Michigan Event
Centerpoint Marriott  in Pontiac, Michigan
Mazel Tov to these friends:
Betty Chu:  Chief Medical Officer Henry Ford West Bloomfield
Sari Cicurel : Public Relations Detroit Jewish News
Dr. Eva Feldman Professor of Neurology University of Michigan
Shari Finsilver:  President of International Essential Tremor Foundation
Monni Must : Owner of Naturally Photography
Harriet Orley : President Hebrew Free Loan
Lisa Wozniak:   Executive Director Michigan League of Conservation Voters
For the full list:

October 5 (Thursday)
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
Innovation in Conservation Awards Gala
Westin Book Cadillac
DTE Energy
State Rep. Stephanie Chang
Jalonne White-Newsome (Kresge Foundation)

October 8  (Sunday)
Hadassah's 100th Anniversary Gala
Detroit Institute of Arts
Rivera Court
October 10  (Tuesday)
Women of Vision
Featuring : Author Jennifer Weiner
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha Director  of Peds @ Flint Hospital
Dana Nessel Litigator for LGBTQ  Rights
Edie Resnick Jewish Community Champion

October 13 (Friday)
Weight Watchers
Remarkable Women's Luncheon
The Henry
For more info:
Cheryl 248-479-1356
Donna 248-479-1377

October 14 (Saturday)
Humble Design
Gigs for Digs fundraiser concert
Mayer Hawthorne
The Fillmore in Detroit

October 16  (Monday)
Yad Ezra Annual Fundraiser
Honoring:  Aimee and Richard Simtob
Congregation Shaarey Zedek

October 18 (Wednesday) 
Michigan Israel Business Bridge (MIBB)
Annual Meeting
Jewish Federation of Metro Detroit
Conference Room Area, Room F
6735 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

October 19 (Thursday)
Exploring the Jewish Art and Artists in the Private Collection of Doreen and David (z'l") Hermelin
Save the date for this docent-led, first-of-its-kind benefit for the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan at the Hermelin home. More details coming soon.

November 17 (Friday)
Sterling Heights Area Community Foundation
5th Annual "Puttin on the Ritz"
Honoring: Congressman Sandy Levin
Villa Penna in Sterling Heights

November 20 (Monday)
MIBB Educational Foundation Ambassador Awards Dinner
Knollwood Country Club
5050 W. Maple Rd.
West Bloomfield Township
5:30 Reception
6:30 Dinner
Mark Davidoff - Chuck Newman Impact Award
Plasan Sasa Israel - Bridge Builder Award
George Roberts - Young Professional Award

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