A new year brings new, exciting ventures! And we couldn’t be more thrilled and humbled to be partnering with Philip Hayden Foundation in order to help more waiting children find families! Tim and Pam Baker founded The Philip Hayden Foundation in 1995 to honor their friend and coworker, Philip Hayden who passed away at an early age while working in China. Tim and Pam had a passion to help orphans with special needs, provide a loving home while meeting their medical needs, and advocate for adoption. They have provided love and care for over 4,000 children throughout the years at their Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village, and now want to extend their reach to help even more children through our partnership! Be sure to follow them on social media, and sign up for their newsletter so you can be part of this exciting journey!
38 - that’s the number of children who came home to their adoptive families through MAA in 2020. Just half the number of children who came home the previous year. The reduction is due almost entirely to the coronavirus pandemic, mainly amongst families in the China program, where travel is still not open, though families adopting from every country were delayed, and many families are choosing not to start the adoption process during the pandemic, for understandable reasons.
So why even share the number when it’s so, well, small? Because it’s not just a number; it’s children.

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Here at MAA, we are passionate about providing for vulnerable children here in the US and around the world, and we know adoption is just one piece of that. This year, the biggest need everywhere was masks and other supplies to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Orphanages and foster homes from China to Colombia all were impacted by the pandemic, and MAA is proud to have provided masks, sanitizing wipes, and other supplies to protect children and caregivers, thanks to over $6000 in monetary giving and countless in-kind donations from our supporters! Though the end of the pandemic is finally in sight, we know 2021 will bring new challenges for children as the world struggles with the economic impact of this time. We are reaching out to you today to ask you to consider giving to our Humanitarian Aid Fund so that we can help even more children in 2021. Visit our new donation page, and when you select “Humanitarian Aid Fund” 100% of your donation will go to providing for the direct needs of children. For those who can, please consider a recurring weekly or monthly donation, so we are prepared to give whenever an urgent need arises!
It’s that time of year again! We are blessed to continue our partnership with Brittany’s Hope! Brittany’s Hope is an incredible organization committed to recognizing the fundamental rights of all children. They empower families and communities to make real and lasting change in the lives of orphaned and at-risk children through international special needs adoption grants and humanitarian initiatives. We welcome any MAA families who have a completed home study and child identified to submit an application for a Brittany’s Hope grant. The Brittany’s Hope grant is unique in that it is a fundraising grant. Please email Sarah Hansen with any questions and to request an application.
Families home in December!