Caring and Service – we pledged to never let up on helping our neighbors who depend on our support to access health care services, get the groceries they need, and stay connected to caring volunteers and staff throughout this year of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this year’s end, we celebrate the courage of our volunteers, staff, and Board of Directors as they faced every challenge by crafting and implementing solutions that worked!
The strength VVCC has gained over this year we will need in 2021 as we are presented with new opportunities to serve and new challenges to meet. Our entire team works well together at so many levels every day. As this New Year begins, we pledge to continue our success in serving nearly 2,000 adults – providing thousands of trips, many thousands of reassuring phone calls and home visits, grocery shopping, pet assistance, tech coaching and much more. And none of this can be done without our donors.

Thanks for your support and service to help make this happen!
Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition ||