Preschool Two Day

We did it! We survived the Arctic cold of the month of January. Out with the old and in with the new!!
The letters we focused on during the month of January were J, K, and L. The children learned J makes a "Juh" sound as in jacket, K makes a "K" sound as in kite, and L makes a "L" sound as in lizard. For our letter crafts, the children created a jellyfish for the letter J, a kite for the letter K, and a lamb for the letter L. The color of the month was black, the shape hexagon, and the number was 5. The children moved and grooved to our color black song while holding and waving a black hexagon. The children also looked around the room for the color black. We counted 5 red beads and placed them on our number 5 worksheet. We learned that we hold up one hand and all five fingers to show the number 5.

During Chapel, Father Rick read  May I See The King  by Vince and Julie Daubenspeck. Father Rick taught the kids that nothing is impossible with God. Our chapel songs of the month were "Oh, Be Careful" and "Fishers of Men."
We had two very special visitors for the month of January. Ms. Risa from Tuxedo Library came to visit our classroom for story time. We also received a visit from Mrs. Pacas. Mrs. Pacas came to teach the children a couple of spanish songs. We learned a "vaca" is a cow and "cola" is tail. We had so much fun learning spanish with Mrs. Pacas.
The children also honored the birthday of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. All students at SMCP had their hand traced onto construction paper to create a colorful collection of hands. The student's traced hand was assembled and displayed to show how diverse, unique and special each of our students are.  
As we enter the new year remember "tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." - Brad Paisley
Ms. Michele
Ms. Carole
Preschool Three Day
After all the fun we had during the holidays, January can be difficult to get back into the routine of coming to school. However, in the three year old class, we kept things moving right along with a new letter every week and activities to go with it.  The students learned the letters L, M and N this month and created letter crafts to go with it. We created fun snowy crafts such as name snowmen, where the students practiced building their names as they designed snowmen for the bulletin board. They also made polar bears using puffy paint- what fun!!  

During math this month, our class has been focusing on positions of objects (below, beside, behind, in front of), ordinal positions in a line, and counting two rows of objects. 

In language and literacy, the three year old class has been listening to sounds, identifying them, differentiating between sounds, and figuring out which sound doesn’t belong with the others. 

The students have been working hard to form their letters correctly. They have learned the letter O, Q, G, S and J, the circle shape, as well as the number 2. 

Twiggle the turtle and his friends have come to the class to tell us about how to "DoTurtle”, a strategy that the students can use to calm down when they are upset. Twiggle taught us to: 1) Stop, 2) Take a deep breath, and 3) Say what the problem is and how we feel. We have been modeling how to use this strategy in the class during situations with our friends as well as in stories we read to them. 

January is also a time where the teachers complete mid-year assessments.

We look forward to all the fun and learning that February will bring.

Miss Amanda
Miss Carole
Preschool Five Day
We came back to school from Christmas break talking about the presents we received from Santa and the wonderful memories spent with family and friends. The students realized it was time to get back to work.

Word Time : During January, we finished our chapter - Health and started the chapter - Earth. With the help of Squawker, the students learn the pronunciation, spelling, and definition of words.

Penmanship : The students used their Letters and Numbers for Me books to finish writing the Center Starting Capitals. Then, introduced them to the lowercase letters. We work with them on grip, posture, and proper paper placement.

Language and Literacy : We finished the chapter - Concepts About Print by identifying the different characteristics of letters, words, and sentences. The children learn to recognize important signs in our world such as bathroom, safety, directional, and many other functional signs. Then, we began a news chapter - Comprehension. Students learn to make a prediction about a book by looking at pictures and illustrations. Using our Line It Up Story Cards, children identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

Math : We continue our chapter on Geometry. Students identify position or location using top, middle and bottom and above, below, over and under. These activities helps them listen and follow directions. Children learn to distinguish between left and right. The technique taught is to always shake hands with the right hand. When they know the right, they know the left. Using Mix & Make Shapes, students learn to sort shapes by their characteristics (sides, corners, and curves) to prepare for describing shapes. The students finished their I Know My Numbers #5 and #6 booklets.

PATHS : With the help of the PATHS animals, children learn to "Do Turtle." The objective is to teach children a technique for self-control. There are three steps for doing Turtle: Tell yourself to stop, take a deep breath, and say the problem and how you feel.

Chapel : Father Rick continues to visit with us on Wednesdays. He reads a bible story, we sing songs, and he prays with us.

We celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Our hallway craft shows us joining hands and showing the world how we come together as one.

Also, the student assessments were done and the progress reports for the first semester were sent home.

We look forward to continuing the progress we've made and capitalizing on the success we've achieved.

Miss Ida
Miss Cindy
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