There's hope in 2021
With every new year, there's a renewal of energy. It can be a time to reflect, set goals and plan to better ourselves and our world. While the challenges of living during a pandemic are carrying over from 2020, with recent vaccine breakthroughs, and our now routine day-to-day coping skills and preparedness, there is a sense of hope and new normalcy.

In waste management, our collection and other services are operating well and don't expect any major changes this year. We will be continuing to encourage our community to reduce, reuse and recycle more through new resources, such as our online learning tools. And we are heartened by the initiatives of other levels of government, such as the federal commitment to the blue economy and building back better with a green economy, and the Province's progress in moving the Blue Box program to producer responsibility.

Let's work together to make it a year of health and positive change in every way we can.
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3 ways to customize collection calendars
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How to set-out waste in wintery weather
Reminders on how to deal with obvious environmental impacts of the pandemic
It should not come as a surprise that the Region is finding an increase in the amount of both green bin organics and garbage set out at the curb for collection. Afterall, more people are staying home, cooking more, and working from home. (Did you know that a Travelwise survey conducted last fall found that 80 per cent more people in our community are working from home!)
Likewise, there is more garbage set out for collection since there is more use of disposable masks, sanitizing wipes and gloves, as well as recyclables thrown in the garbage when people are sick.
While we will be dealing with pandemic for several more months, each of us still has some control and can help reduce waste, and recycle more by:
  1. Learning about the costs of food waste in Canada, the federal initiative on food waste reduction, and how to prevent food waste. (If you are an innovator, consider submitting your solution to the Food Waste Reduction Challenge by January 18.)
  2. Cleaning out your pantry and fridge? Make compost by putting expired food into your green bin (remove/recycle packaging). If the food is still usable, consider donating, as appropriate to local food banks, or the new community fridge.
  3. Making your climate action pledge! Check out the resources, including waste-related ones, to find ways to make a difference every day.
  4. Following the do's and don'ts of dealing with facial coverings, including use, cleaning, and disposal.
  5. Preventing garbage, such as buying items that have packaging which is 100 per cent recyclable through our Blue Box program.
  6. Using these tips so you don't run out of space in your blue box.
  7. Contributing to a circular economy. For instance, if you are replacing or getting new electronic devices, look for computer products that contain recycled plastic, and don't forget to gather up and drop off you old devices.
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