Happy New Year to you and your family! As the year ends we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the support you have shown us. We wouldn't be here without you.
4th Quarter News

2018 Statistics
Men Employed -332
Taxes Paid - $161,930.95
Child Support Paid - $23,640.64

Men Housed - 134
Men Employed - 59
Graduates for the Quarter - 21
Baptisms for the Quarter - 16
Letter from the Director, Eric Alexander
This is a day that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it!! Greetings from Safe Harbor Little Rock!

Excitement is in the air this holiday season, everyone is in a festive spirit. Clients have participated in decorations and spending holiday cheer. We are pleased to report that we are at 95% capacity, and expecting new arrivals any day now. It is now time to reflect on this years accomplishments and shortcomings to gauge what this year achieved, and also look forward to goals for the new year.

We are having a special requested baptismal service this Sunday, where 6 clients have requested so, this is a great gift just in time for Christmas. And Speaking of Christmas, we are grilling turkeys and baking hams right now and they are looking delicious. Our Client and staff Christmas Party is Friday Dec 20th and Talent Show is planned,along with invisible box challenge and other fun favors.

For the month of December, we have had nine graduates; totaling a new quarterly recorded of 21.

We had a great fall revival, where Friday night 10 men came to be baptized, and this quarter along brought over 30 men for re-dedication.

It is awesome to have Pastors from the community come in and preach as well as share their story, it is nothing short of spending quality time with the clients. 

We are look forward to a great year at SHLR in 2020. We are expecting an increase in every area of the ministry, & we are now having more clients than ever saying they want to be a part of this ministry. 

Just remember "God has plenty, in 2020"!
December Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our Graduates; Jeremy Ryder, James Duff, Jason Crone, Christopher Harrington, Cecil Rodgers, Brandon Treece, Harold Horton, & Christopher Haggins.
Our Reliable of the Month went to Christopher Alexander!
Congrats Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Patrick Smith!
Our Staff Member of the Month is Eric Easterling.
Congrats to Dorm 2 for winning Dorm of the Month!
Little Rock Awards
We are very excited to say that Safe Harbor of Little Rock received the following awards for 2019 at our Corporate Christmas Party. The Daily Bread Award, Spiritual Award, & The Kingdom Finance Award.
Partner of the Quarter - Coreslab
Safe Harbor of Little Rock would like to congratulate Coreslab as our Partner of the Quarter. Coreslab is a premier producer of precast / prestressed concrete products. They have been in business since 1975, and they have been partnered with Safe Harbor of Little Rock since 2013.

One of the unique qualities of this partner is the growth potential of our clients to go full time and secure a stable future for their lives. Just this last year we had eight clients go full time with Coreslab. We hope that our relationship will continue throughout the years with growth and stability.
Ring Container Technologies dropping off Christmas Donations! Thank you Ring Container for all you do for Little Rock!!!
Little Rock received a donation from Dewayne Jackson so some of our guys can get suits for Church. Thank you!
Thank you Fountaine Bleau Apartments for a very nice donation of about 200 hamburgers and 200 hot-dogs with buns. You might ask what they have to do with us?

Safe Harbor Little Rock needed only to answer the phone. Ms. RaeLyn Tatum had just hit up google and was calling around trying to donate all this food they had over-made for a grand opening, many facilities failed to answer; We picked up. Our clients will definitely enjoy!!
Thanksgiving 2019
Thank you New Grace Church for cooking a wonderful Thanksgiving day meal!!
November Celebration Sunday
Congrats to our graduates - Ajii Winfield, Willie Wilson, Jason Crone, Kevin Smith, Kenneth Dornhoffer, Manuel Marquez, Cody Battern, Leonard Burnett, & James Allen!
Congrats to our Reliable of the Month, Paul Britt, our Client Volunteer of the Month, Jason Sanders, & our Staff Member of the Month, Jose Lisardo!
Client of the Quarter - Patrick Smith
"My name is Patrick Duane Smith. I would like to share some information on how I have been truly blessed with the help of Safe Harbor, and the resources that the programs offers to those in need.

It has allowed for me to get closer to God through the teaching of the Bible and the classes that offer important information about life skills that can be used once I start my new life in being successful. The back to work program is also very important. I have learned some new skills that I did not have before. I have learned how to be an important employee of the company through good work habits and to be a team member.

Through the back to work program I am learning how to save money, which I have not done before and now I understand the importance of saving.

I thank God daily for this program. I could still be somewhere in this world lost. I am very thankful that today I have been found. God truly is a good God.

Thanks Safe Harbor for all you do."
Giving Back
Some of the guys giving back the community, cleaning up parking lot of Dollar General.
A Look Around Little Rock
Morning Exercise
A wonderful message by our Chaplain brought forth the men!
James Duff and his crew at it again, with a re-design of our mop closet and installation of two new hot water heaters!! Thanks guys for everything you give back to Safe Harbor! It does not go unnoticed!
Putting in a "French Drain" behind our lower building. This basically redirects surface/ground water away from an area. Our maintenance man, James Duff, is a man of many talents and much knowledge. A much valued person and a great addition to Safe Harbor of Little Rock.

This is one of many projects that he has endeavored to lead and get done around here. Hats off to him and the men that have and are currently working with him!
We were honored to enjoy a cookout at Kohler. Thank you Kohler for all you do!
Annual Christmas Party!
We would like to recognize Sister Wilson. She has been sharing her Godly wisdom with Lighthouse/Safe Harbor since 1998. Hats off to her years of service.
Spotlight Staff of the Quarter - James Duff
Spotlight Staff of the Quarter is James Duff, Mr Duff has been responsible for all the upkeep and improvements do around Safe Harbor Little Rock this years. he has poured countless hours and energy into bringing the property to good to great level. James is very experienced in many areas of maintenance and construction, he also is leading work mode and facilitating groups when needed. Hats of the Bro. James Duff!!
October Celebration Sunday
Congrats to our graduates Stephen Garrett, Courtney Banks, Kevin Davidson & Lawrence Wise!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Ajii Winfield!
Congratulations to our Staff Member of the Month, James Duff!
Congratulations to our Client Volunteer of the Month, Justin Lee!
Fall Revival 2019
Testimony from client Bobby Walston, who has recently lost a Loved one, telling he will still stand on the Word of our Lord!!
Night 2 - Praise the Lord all the children of God in the house!!! Starting off right tonight.
Night 3 - Chaplain Warbritton SWAC Unit ACC. Texarkana, AR
Be Still, Wait and Be Patient!!!
Night 4 - You got to obey someone, choose Jesus!! Rev Wilfork Center Ridge Baptist Church
Salad Bar and smoke Ribs!!!!! Great Dinner and decorations surrounded by an amazing Spirit over Little Rock after week long Revival.
Upcoming Events
Jan 17 - 29, 2020 our annual event, Battle in the Saddle, will take place in Tunica, MS. This is held each year at the Paul Battle Arena & Expo Center. This is our largest fundraiser and we would love to have you attend if you are able. Come see some of the fastest cowboys & cowgirls compete and give back to Safe Harbor!

Learn more about Battle in the Saddle at www.safeharborevent.com