We hope the New Year has been treating you and your family well! As we move into 2019 we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the support of our followers. We wouldn't be here without you.

In 2018 we have rescued or helped rehome 111 huskies! That is 111 lives saved that would otherwise have ended!

We could not have saved this many lives without the constant support from our donors, volunteers, and networkers! We are so thankful for every single one of you and hope you continue to follow along with us on Facebook to see what 2019 brings.

Tim McVicker
President, Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc.

We are always in need of harnesses, collars and leashes for our rescues. Large Harnesses and Collars usually work well for the huskies, leashes can be any size. Dog beds, toys, treats, dog food, and other dog supplies are greatly appreciated and help out our wonderful fosters and adopters. These can be sent to:

Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc.
29997 Canyon Hills Rd Ste 1603
Lake Elsinore, CA 92532

Feel free to  contact us  if you would like to donate your time or become a foster parent to help our cause.

Fosters and Adopters are what keep us going. We can not save the lives of these huskies with our loving homes for them to go to. Foster's are the people who make this whole rescue possible. If you are interested in helping us save a life by stepping up to foster one of the huskies in the shelters please fill out our foster application and email it to us so we can place you with the right fit for your situation! We are always in need of fosters for emergencies and last minute rescues!!

Home for Christmas!
Irene was a death row husky out of SEAACA who was rescued and given a second chance at life just in time for Christmas! She got to spend Christmas morning opening presents with her new owner Ellie!
We love this story!
DECEMBER 2018 - Some Rescues and Adoptions
Newt and Irene
Mally and Laska need a forever home !
Mally is one of our rescues that we saved when he was 5 months old. He was found in a junkyard with wire, barbed plastic, a corn cob, and a bunch of other foreign material in his stomach and intestines. We rushed him to emergency surgery where they removed everything but found he had a liver shunt that needed to be operated on. They also noticed that he was having trouble walking so they did x-rays and found that he had Patella Luxate that also needed to be repaired before the liver shunt. He went through two knee operations and when he was going to go up to UC Davis for his Liver Shunt Operation they found one of his knees was infected because of a bone deformity he had since birth, causing the knee surgery to not set right. They amputated his hind leg on one side and performed the liver shunt operation and now he doing wonderful. He was neutered in December and is back on a normal diet with his medication daily. He was placed in a foster home after his operation where the foster had Laska, a one year old female that has the same knee issues as Mally did. They bonded very quickly and we would love to keep them together. We are looking for an adopter that will be dedicated to taking care of these two amazing huskies! They are just like any others!
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