Dear Friends,

Today is the last day of 2020!
This time of year I would usually talk about resolutions but as you know, this is a very different year!

In short, let's be healthy for the New Year and resolve to do what we can to stay safe and connected. When we connect to others in a meaningful way we feel less lonely and isolated. With the winter months ahead the telephone can be a great resource.

I look forward to connecting to you and on behalf of the entire Senior Center staff :a Hearty, Happy and Healthy New Year to each and every one of you!

Our Best,

Steve, Jasmine, Jackie, Darlene, JillAnn and Dawn and Caryl

732.329.4000 x 7682
Description of New Programs: please email JillAnn for more information about these programs.

WINTER PHOTO COLLAGE- This program is a Photography program for all levels of picture takers using nothing but your cell phone. It will begin as a virtual meeting and then continue as an independent venture throughout January and February. Let’s use this challenge to positively move through the winter months by capturing beautiful candid moments, winter landscapes, nature’s movements etc. Email your pictures and at the end of every month we will post the pictures on our FACEBOOK page and on our weekly email blast.

KEEP IT MOVING CHALLENGE- This program will run January, February and March. It is to help motivate us to be physically active. Using apps on your phone may help you stay motivated to do more and it may serve as a means to embrace more healthy behaviors. At the end of each month email us your victory and your accomplishments will be shared on social media (but only if you grant permission).

VISON BOARDS- Ever find yourself making a resolution and not keeping it or finding it hard to attain your goals? This is this program for you! In this two class program you will learn about Vision Boards, their effectiveness, and learn how to make one for yourself.

TRAVEL TALK- This program is for anyone that has traveled and wants to share their experiences about the places they’ve seen, and anyone who wants to hear about different places. This program will be bi-weekly and will be held on a Conference call.

SCAVENGER HUNT BINGO- You never know what we may ask for. It’s a new take on Bingo, and so much fun! Played on conference call.

Podcast for January 6 - 'Your body language may shape who you are'
Listen independently and join Dawn on Wednesday at 2 pm to discuss.
See the Access Codes link above for joining info.
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