Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and your family! As the year ends we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and be thankful for the support of our loyal clients. We wouldn't be here without you.

We strive to provide our community with unique healthy quality wine and gourmet pizzas that is unparalleled in our region. To that end we are excited to offer a pairing that will enhance our chosen foods with our hand crafted wines, to start your New Year off on a positive note. We also brought in New Tasting Glasses for this event.

We will have two seating times for this event. 4:30 CST and 6:30 CST each time has limited seats. Reservation are required.


We want to thank you for you year long support and we hope you will join us to kick off the new year on the 31st of December.


Carlo Bordogna

Near Year Eve's Wine Pairing Menu - $60/PP

Prima Piatto

We will start off with our great caprese salad, breadsticks pairing Michele Moscato

Secondo Piatto

Our new Habanero Tre Formaggio, Pineapple pizza. Paired with our Antonio Riesling

Tre Piatto

Salmon uniquely seasoned. Paired with our buttery Philippo Pinot Grigio

Intermission: Palate Pleaser scoop of Lemon Sorbet.

Quatro Piatto

Three cheese meatballs topped with our in house balsamic glaze. Paired with our Momma Malvasia

Cinque Piatto

Tortellini stuffed with veal, covered in a prosciutto mushroom garlic olive oil

and topped with three cheeses. Paired with our Christmas Rudolph Red Zin.

Finished with a sample of our great Tiramisu.

Reservations for Dinner: First Seating at 4:30pm

Second Seating at 6:30 pm CST

Call 423 -939-9334


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