The FRM Group team wants to thank you for your business and support throughout this past year.
2020 was very challenging for all of us.

Through it all, we've been able to increase our team of knowledgeable and caring agents.  

We'd like to introduce...

Stacy J. Ferguson
Executive Assistant
Member Protection Service Sales Associate

Jessica Martinez
Operations Manager

Tiffany L. Rudbart
Member Protection Sales Associate
New Year's Wishes from our Team to you....
[Stacy - "I would like to take better care of myself this year, so that I can be healthier and in a better place to help others." ]
Jessica - "To be more active and focus more on my personal health and wellness. As a mom, I put everyone else first, but if I don't take care of myself and something happens to me, how would I take care of them?"]
Tiffany - ""It's a New Year! So here's to New plans, New Memories and New Possibilities."
Also in our Stroudsburg office, we have Josephine A. Fontan, Member Servicing Advocate/Training Supervisor to assist our agents in various capacities. 

A lot of exciting news is coming your way within the next month. Please check out our website and updates on facebook.
On behalf of Michael J. Frailey, Larry D. Markley, and the entire team,
we wish you a happy and healthy 2021!
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