Summer Specials for July!
Happy 4th of July to all of our patients, clients and friends!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic is a new and uncertain time for everyone and we realize that has been affecting all of us in many different ways. We hope that this newsletter finds you and your loved ones healthy and happy.
We recognize the anxiety people are feeling and might be coming out in different ways for different people. Some are concerned about the health of their loved ones and others are worried about the financial impact this pandemic has had. Many people have changed their plans for traveling, housing, business expansion and there isn't an area that hasn't been affected.

We understand that all these changes around us and the uncertainty we experience has an impact on our nervous system, our immune system, our sleep, our well being and overall health.
We strive to be here for our patients and clients to help you with any of the struggles that you might be going through. We are implementing new products and protocols to help everyone deal with anxiety better, to keep your immune system strong, to have better sleep and to feel better overall while we are all navigate this storm.

This month of July you will see many specials in the areas of peptides that help keep our immune system active, or help with sleep, pain or regenerate our collagen and hair. Some specials for immune boosting injections, supplements and IV (intravenous) vitamins to keep us all healthier. We also offer discounts on skin care products and services during the month of July because we know that when we look better, we feel better and when we feel better we enjoy life more.

Remember we are here to support your needs during these times. We can mail any products or supplements to your home, we offer phone consultations and tele-medicine via Zoom and Google meeting and if you need any procedure done at the office, please call us. We assure you that we haven't seen or treated any people with COVID-19 symptoms in the office, we sanitize and disinfect constantly using hospital grade cleaners, UV-C light and ozone and we keep social distancing in the office as well as we use masks or face shields when we are in close contact with you.
As viral cases rise, we understand that the health of your immune system is essential. Supercharge your immune system with an IV to stay strong, healthy, and hydrated so you can live happily!
Don't forget- Dr. Karampahtsis offers easy and reliable in depth Zoom and phone consultations without leaving the comfort of your home!
Brightening & Perfecting Peptide Eye Treatment!
Have you been concerned with the quality of the skin around your eyes? Let the new RevitRx peptide eye cream help you!

-Helps to tighten the look of sagging or loose skin
-Hydrating formula protects the skin barrier & leaves skin soft & supple
-Conceals fine lines and minor imperfections
-Cooling applicator helps reduce the look of puffy, tired eyes

Peptides for your Health & Well-being
We are offering payment plan options! Call or text us to see how you can apply!
Look beautiful while saving this July!
20% off all skincare products this month!
Do you want to restore your youthful looks?

Save $50 on any facial filler this July!
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