Wishing you a happy Easter weekend
On behalf of the President of Campion College, we send you peace, hope, and joy as we move into this Easter weekend.

We realize that no one could have expected this Lenten season to be as difficult as it has proven. For many of you, this weekend will look much different than what is normal, but these circumstances will spoil your Easter cheer. Connect with your loved ones through video chats, social media, and other outlets. Share your meals from different tables in different homes. Find solace in nature, spiritual reflection, or prayer. Whatever you choose to do this Easter weekend, we hope it brings you joy!

To read full letter from the President, click the link below.
Student emergency funding & laptops available
Campion has bought some laptops to loan out and we have an emergency student fund for those who have been significantly impacted financially by the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you are in need of support during these difficult times, apply for funding below.

The Ministry of Advanced Education has also announced it will help students with limited financial resources and supports. For more information click here.
What do you have questions about?
We know there is an information overload right now. It can be difficult to remember what's happening on campus and to separate fact from rumours.

Submit questions either anonymously or with your contact information so we can reach out to you directly.

All questions will be complied into a FAQ which will be posted on our website for your reference and we'll put together a video on our Facebook page of all the answers!