Handcrafted in the USA with Swarovski® Crystals for 25 years
KMGems.com is proud to offer exclusive Swarovski® Crystals from the world’s leading producer of premium crystals. Swarovski Crystals must be treated with care to retain their beauty and sparkle. Wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.
Dear Friends,

Michael and I are wishing all of our wonderful friends, customers, and family a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New year! Thank you for keeping in touch and supporting our small business 🥰
Kira-Michael Gems is proudly made in the USA for over 25 years! 🇺🇸Each piece is individually handmade with love and I also add Reiki healing on everything in our workshop. Click the link to learn more.
We know wearing it will keep you happy and sparkly everyday!

The quarantine has taught me many things about myself and my business.
Sitting in frond of my beautiful new computer for hours and working on the website is not my cup of tea! ☕️😫
I will keep working on it , have patience with me. Patience and discipline are the foundation of success. Keep working on your challenges and never give up! That is my advise to myself and anyone who is having struggles. Remember to be grateful each day for all of the beautiful things and wonderful people who make this world a better place everyday, including you.🤗 💖Keep on - Sparkling on✨

I now have a new appreciation of doing shows...
Setting up and exhibiting at fairs and festivals over the past 25 years has had its challenges. Extreme weather, schlepping inventory, miles of driving! But now I have realized how I have missed being in front of you all, and personalizing, and sizing, and schmoozing and how good we have had it!
We are so grateful to be in Florida where we can take advantage of the warm weather and outdoor venues again. We hope you can join us for an eventful 2021. Come on down!
Yes, we are wearing masks and social distancing. Check out our schedule below for local Art Shows and craft festivals. Michael has a new project... stay tuned ... he is "Making Waves"

We hope you will still shop our website with special pricing on earrings continues plus 10% off all other exquisitely handcrafted anklets, bracelets, Pendants and new necklaces, squares sets in colors, all Sparkling with Swarovski Crystals. I promise I will go live on FB for you out-of -towners. Stay save and warm.
If you have any questions or special requests please send me a text and a phone call or facetime is always welcome.

Love and best wishes for a bright, beautiful, sparkling 2021.
From our family to yours,
Kira and Michael
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