Dear USAID Friends;

Last week, I offered a few thoughts on what USAID has achieved during President Obama's Administration. Looking back over the last eight years, it’s clear that we now have an Agency, government and global coalition capable of tackling the hard and confident enough to pursue the bold.

That's in no small part because of you.

You have helped us save the lives of 4.6 million children, and reach millions of farmers with interventions to help them flourish. Your efforts have strengthened the bipartisan consensus on development, and helped USAID become smarter, more innovative and more efficient. You have been with us, every step of the way.

Going forward, our community needs to build on this progress. That means growing our partnerships, diversifying development finance, adapting our systems for the world we live in and giving transformation time to blossom.

Together, I know we can do it. And as you’ll see below, there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Thank you for being one of mine. 


Gayle Smith, USAID Administrator

Our Hearts and Our Support are with Syrians

The crisis in Syria continues to cause suffering for families faced with the devastation within their own country and for those who have fledin many cases leaving everything behind. This is a time of unparalleled need. No single country can bear this responsibility alone. Our response—as nations, as individuals, as organizations and as communities—must be equally unprecedented. We all share a responsibility to act. Visit USAID's #HumanityActs page to t ake action on Syria.

Nothing is Impossible for Karen

Meet Karen Cano, a young woman with down syndrome who conquered the catwalk and our hearts.This 30-year-old athlete from Paraguay is finding success as a gymnast, model and working professional. In Karen’s community and around the world, USAID builds communities that are more diverse and inclusive of people with disabilities. View Karen's story here and follow #WeThePossible for more stories.

30 Years of Fighting HIV/AIDS

The world has changed a lot since USAID began supporting HIV/AIDS outreach in 1986. Much progress has been made, yet one in two people living with HIV worldwide does not receive treatment. Through PEPFAR, a bipartisan initiative, we are working to accelerate progress. We have increased treatments more than 500 percent during the last eight years, reaching more than 11.5 million people. Follow the #HIV30x30 on Twitter for more impact stories.

Saving Mothers, Giving Life

What happens when you partner with the local government to modernize health care facilities and train health care workers on safer practices for childbirth? You save lives. In Zambia maternal mortality has declined 55 percent in targeted facilities. In the latest Saving Mothers,Giving Life report, see how USAID and its partners are improving the quality of maternal health care and making a big impact in sub-Saharan Africa.

A Holiday Video Inspired by Dreams 

USAID helps people grow their dreams. By supporting vocational training to launch the careers of young people, equipping farmers with resources to grow their businesses and empowering families with information on making healthy decisions, we’re cultivating dreams and transforming lives around the world. Enjoy USAID’s holiday video for a glimpse at a few of the dreams we’ve proudly supported.