Our heartfelt thanks 
November 2019

During this month of thanksgiving, we would like to thank 
Squash Out Cancer
 Houston, Texas
Ladies Charity Golf Tournament 
at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club 
Menlo Park, CA
for their support of My Blue Dots.


Squash Out Cancer 

Squash Out Cancer was a tournament that was created and executed by two teenagers, Lauren Koong and Zaid Ali, to support the work of My Blue Dots. The tournament was held at The Downtown Club in Houston, Texas with 100% of the profits going to the work of My Blue Dots. They designed the above poster, created this event and encouraged folks, both young and old, to play and support cancer research and the cancer warriors. 

We salute and thank Lauren Koong and Zaid Ali for creating and engineering this wonderful, very successful event. Truly a gift from the heart.

         Lauren Koong                                                       Zaid Ali                                

Message from
               Sue McCollum

During this month of November when we all give thanks for our many blessings, I would be amiss if I did not thank and express my appreciation to all of you who have supported My Blue Dots in these events as well as individually.

It is only with support and encouragement that the cancer community continues to move the needle forward in research as well as in care for those going through a cancer journey. This Newsletter is to say "Thank You" for supporting My Blue Dots as we continue to support both cancer research as well as the cancer warriors.

Cancer will be cured someday....and that day is coming soon.
 Until Next Time...          

2019 Charity Fall Fest

Thank you to all of the ladies that supported the Charity  Fundraiser Event and My Blue Dots. We appreciate the support this group has given to My Blue Dots for many yers. Our special thanks to Janine Kramer and Lori Stroud who spent many hours arranging for the auction items as well as for the beautiful luncheon that followed the golfing.

We are most grateful for the support for cancer research as well as for the cancer warriors, those patients who are in the middle of their cancer journey. We have and will continue to use these donations wisely.

Sue McCollum

We know there are many helping hands that are involved in making this event a success so we also would like to thank Mark Hoff, Shane Harris, Annie Teicher, Troy Arfsten, Heidi Mondragon, Gary Alsup, Giovanni Velasco and Taryn Miller who work at Sharon Heights and have contributed to this success. 

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