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Warm Greetings to all of our Friends,

We pause at this special time of the year to say “Thank you” for your generous support of Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and her Dharma activities. With your ongoing patronage, the female monastic sangha is provided with the necessary resources to live and practice the Dharma, thereby upholding the tradition and teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha. We rejoice!

Please enjoy these updates from our various nunneries and projects under the auspices of Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

From all of us at Dongyu Gatsal Ling Initiatives, wherever you are, may you be happy and at peace.


Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery

On 15 November, DGL Nunnery celebrated Lhabab Duchen, Buddha’s Descent from Heaven.This is the biggest day on DGL Nunnery’s calendar. The nuns presented a costume drama of the 12 Acts of the Buddha and performed the Dakini Dances. In the evening there was a puja to the Buddha and the Sixteen Arhats. It was a very happy occasion for all concerned.

In the first half of the year, pandemic restrictions were lifted and the nuns were allowed to leave the nunnery in order to visit their families, friends and relatives. It was a joyful time for all.

Not long after returning to the nunnery, the nuns entered the traditional Yarne (rains retreat) for July and August. This is a time the nuns really cherish as they study and practice in silence with no interruptions for the two-month period.

Before the start of the September school term, the nuns met and assigned new roles and responsibilities. Elections were held naming the new Head Disciplinarian, Bursar, and others. The nuns also participated in a comprehensive cleaning of the Temple, which they enjoyed tremendously.

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On Diwali Jetsunma recited from Shantideva’s Bodhisattvacaryavatara:

With folded hands I beseech the Buddhas of all directions to shine the lamp of Dharma for all bewildered in misery's gloom.

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Gebchak Gonpa

While Covid has restricted the lives of most people in China, life has continued as usual at Gebchak Nunnery. Because of Gebchak’s practice tradition and remoteness, the nuns already live in seclusion. They’ve continued to maintain their Vajrayana practice schedule of annual retreats and 19 drubchens (extensive group sadhana practices).


Meanwhile, at the lower altitude hermitage of Dongtsang Ritro, nearly 40 elder nuns and monks from the wider Gebchak community have been living in retreat. Dongtsang Ritro has been a refuge for each of these residents, some of whom were unable to return to Gebchak or branch nunneries this year due to travel restrictions. The hermitage has offered a stable and sacred place for them to practice, amidst great uncertainty in wider society.  


Your kindness has allowed continued opportunities for meditative practice in the Gebchak community. You have provided their food, medicines, and offering materials for the many prayer ceremonies the nuns perform. Please know you are connected with the nuns’ prayers and meditation because of your inspired generosity.

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Tayul Gonpa

Your generous donations have provided for the care of fourteen nuns from Tayul, Peukar, Lama and Lapchang Gonpas, and one nun in Stingiri.

Kalden and the older nun, Zangmo, and five other nuns from Peukar monastery recently visited Jetsunma at DGL Nunnery. Peukar is on the opposite side of the valley overlooking the cave Jestsunma lived in for 12 years. They joined the nuns at DGL in pujas and meditation. They remarked to Jetsunma that they are praying that in their next life they will be able to join DGL! Even though the nuns in Lahaul have received no formal education, they have completed a 3 year retreat and are visibly radiant.

Trinley Angmo from Tayul passed away in September at the age of 90, while Zangmo will be 90 in January. Even with severe knee pain, which makes it difficult for her to walk, she remains bright and cheerful. One of the nuns at Peuker is now 90 years old and all are in good health. Your support helps them procure wood for winter, warm clothes and medical checkup in Kullu. Thank you!

Laphag Nunnery

News from Drubka Rinpoche: dining hall tables and benches were purchased and delivered this year. He planned to go recently to give us an updated report and take more photos, but due to heavy snow it was not possible for him to travel. Your donations are much appreciated!

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The Alliance for Non-Himalayan Nuns

The purpose of ANHN is to support Tibetan Buddhist nuns in the non-Himalayan regions. With your generous donations, many nuns have been able to travel to attend teachings and do short term retreats.

Most recently Jetsunma and Thosamling Nunnery in India, have announced a training/conference that will take place around March 2024. For our friends who are ordained Tibetan Buddhist nuns, Jetsunma and the organizers of this event, have asked those interested to please participate in a survey to share what you think will be helpful in organizing the event. Please click on the link to find out more: https://allianceofnonhimalayannuns.org/survey

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