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                                                                                                          October, 2012

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We Are Truly Grateful for Your Support

To our JAMPACT Members, Donors and Corporate Sponsors:


As we come to the close of another administrative year 

(September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012), we would like to thank you and to keep you informed of our progress. With your help we have made significant strides with our Adopt-A-School Program (AAS). Your donations provided much needed funding and supplies to our four adopted schools in Jamaica as well as other educational institutions that were in need of assistance in the island. Highlights of these efforts:

  • Shipped ten (10) barrels and five (5) large boxes of school supplies, teaching aids, and computers to our four adopted schools. From which, we provided school supplies to Jackson Basic School (an additional basic school not in JAMPACT's Adopt-A-School Program). Over 300 students will benefit from these donated supplies.
    St. Steven's School Supply Distribution
    School Supplies Distribution
  • Provided five (5) computers for the computer lab of Ebenezer Primary School in Manchester.


Computers at Ebenezer Primary
Computers at Ebenezer Primary
  • Scholarship Awards: Covered the tuition and education related costs of 26 children for the 2012/2013 school year.
  • Tuition Assistance Program: Provided tuition reimbursement of US$500 to one teacher.
  • Provided a new refrigerator and stove for Crescent Road Basic School as well as cover their electricity in arrears.

Educate A Child. Build A School. Strengthen A Nation Campaign - We made strides in our $100,000 goal to rebuild Maxfield Park Children's Home Basic School, which is a part of this campaign effort. This campaign suggests that the growth and development of a nation strongly depends on education, hence our determination to strengthen the system on every level. We anticipated that the goal to rebuild the school would take some time, but the pace has been much slower than expected, with approximately 20% raised to date. With your encouragement and continued support, we stand committed to rebuilding Maxfield Park and will continue to push strongly in this effort.

To date, after vetting six (6) contractors, we have been able to secure one that will not only meet our financial target but will also create a very sustainable and conducive learning environment for our children. With the contractor in place, we aim to raise the needed funds to rebuild the school and expeditiously get these young children the learning space they deserve.


Friends - we truly thank you for your support and standing by our efforts to promote quality education. Special thanks to our Corporate Sponsors who believe in our cause through their investment. As we begin a new administrative year, we look forward to your continued support and building a stronger relationship with you as well as forging new ones to move our mission forward! 


In the coming days, look out for ways you can help this campaign.


Thank you!


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Jamaica Impact, Inc. (JAMPACT) is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to use our collective energy, intelligence and resources to influence and improve socio-economic conditions, which affect Jamaica and the Jamaican Diaspora by (i) developing social welfare programs, with particular focus on educational initiatives targeting youth (ii) facilitate research, stimulate constructive dialogue and raise public awareness on topical issues; and (iii) provide opportunities and resources to grow and strengthen the network of young professionals, students and friends of Jamaica.