With Much Appreciation

Over the past few years, Aladdin Travel has focused on specific non-profit organizations that needed help and asked you to vote for your favorite. Gifts were awarded based on the number of votes received. Additionally, we made contributions to food banks in client markets. This year, we are changing our year end giving pattern. 

On one hand, we are staying closer to home.

Departure and arrival times are ALWAYS listed in the local time zone.
Meet an Advisor: Tonia Valentine

I have worked at Aladdin Travel for 18 years. Aladdin has a family dynamic that makes working here comfortable and familiar. I enjoy building relationships with clients and assisting with emergency travel situations. 
My favorite destination is Ireland. The country is steeped in history and pulls at your soul. The people are welcoming, the land is inviting and the entire atmosphere is enchanting. I'm positive I met a leprechaun posing as a tour guide when I was there!
In my spare time, I enjoy taking short weekend trips, antiquing, remodeling, upcycling furniture and reading. I have three children who monopolize my life, so spare intervals of time are rare these days.
The Aladdin Travel Belief, "We create solutions that our clients cannot create for themselves" speaks to my core. We are professionally trained, personally experienced and ready to assist travelers with creative solutions to make travel easier and more enjoyable.  

Aladdin Believes: We create solutions that our clients cannot create for themselves.
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