Clean water for God's thirsty children
With Unrest in Haiti, We’re Heading Again to La Gonave
In Haiti, a newly-trained Water Woman prepares her bucket and filter to begin providing clean water to her own children and for three other families.
Once again, political unrest in Haiti has created a dangerous situation for our Country Team. The President has postponed his transition from power, dismissed a significant number of legislators, and is essentially governing by decree.

As a result of the political and military uncertainty, gangs are controlling many areas. Fearing an increase in gang violence and other rioting, the Team members are heading from Port-au-Prince to the island of La Gonave, a six-hour ride in an open boat.

“We’re concerned for their safety,” said Gerry Delaquis, the Country Coordinator for Haiti. “Gangs and others can attack them at any time. The team could have gone out, but I wasn’t sure how we could get them back. On one of their last trips, they had to go on an out of the way route that took 12 instead of five hours. Now, transportation might not even be available.

“La Gonave, politically, is riot-free and safe from gangs. So we are sending them there to continue the mission, picking up where they left off last year. It’s not what we had planned at this time, but it gives them the chance to keep working. Originally, they had a mission of providing 600 filters in a week, but now we’re shipping another 600 for a two-week goal of 1,200 new Water Women. That is going to make a significant difference in the lives of many people on La Gonave.”
Gerry expects the political troubles to diminish while the team is away.
“After next week, I expect things to calm down again,” he said. “The Church and others are calling for a transition, so I believe something will happen. We’re planning to bring the team back after the two weeks when things have quieted and gang activity is less of a problem.”
While the disruption may be brief, it could be dangerous.
“Many people could die,” Gerry said. “The gangs are more armed than the army. If they wanted, they could take control of the country, but they are also fighting among themselves, for territory and other things.
“Once again, it is the poor who are most hurt and abused.”
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Why We Support
Water With Blessings
Joel Moore
Associate Pastor of Youth
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Pullman, Washington

Leading up to Christmas a few years ago, the younger members of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pullman, Washington, were looking for a charity to support.
“Rather than receiving, they wanted to give something back,” said Joel Moore, the Church’s Associate Pastor of Youth. “We had given to a water project before – it’s a basic necessity. While searching the internet we found Water With Blessings.
“One of our considerations is how much of the money goes to actually doing the work. We loved the simplicity of it, working in terms of filters rather than digging a well. Also, it’s affordable for a student – rather than $5,000 for a well, it’s $75 for a filter. A student can actually do it.”
After their first gift, Sr. Larraine arranged a Skype session to thank the group.
“It was great to put a face on the organization,” Joel said. “She showed us on a map where the new Water Women were. We’re in a small town, a university town, where many people are affluent and can live in a bubble. Sr. Larraine shared with us life in Haiti. And the team going village by village to eradicate cholera – that’s really tangible...

To read the rest of the story about Emmanuel Baptist's support, please click the link below.
This Week’s Coffee Chat Brings You News From Our Team In Haiti
Coffee Chat is off to Haiti, where we will hear the latest about the political situation and the progress of our courageous Country Team. Currently, they are working on the island of La Gonave while waiting out the riots and other gang violence that have hindered their work on the main island. We will be joined by Hantz Robert who will provide the update.
Even though this is a very serious situation, we will focus on the positive and give thanks for the opportunity to provide clean water to God’s thirsty children despite the difficulties. So please join us for a very important Chat. We promise that we will lift your spirits with the Good News of God’s love for the poor.
Remember, we will gather virtually at Noon Eastern Time, this Friday, February 12. We hope to see you then.
Members of our Haiti Country Team pray before beginning their work. We begin our day the same way in the Water With Blessings office. Please consider joining us in prayer each morning, just as Water Women around the world pray for you.
With These Colorful Covers, the Water Filters Reflect the Joyful Spirit of Our Water Women

Joel Moore, the Associate Pastor for Youth at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pullman, Washington, is just the latest to say how much he appreciates the many ways people can help provide clean water to God's thirsty children. It takes more than money. We need prayers. We need people to spread the good news about Water With Blessings. And right now we really need more of those colorful covers for the filters.

Many of you have responded to our plea for more of these filter socks. If you can, please pass the pattern around to other crafters you may know. Because of the growing need, especially for our emergency work in Honduras and Haiti, right now we need as many as we can get.

The Water Women love these colorful covers, and we have always appreciated the creativity of our Water With Blessings crafting community. To find out how to create them, please click on the button below. Thank you again for your help.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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