January 4, 2019
The New Year brings with it a sense of hope to be better organized toward the life we want. We make proclamations: this year I will not stop exercising, this year I will organize the basement or this year I will stay in my budget. Why does being organized, which is essential to our well-being, also feel like an elusive and mythical place we never quite arrive?

Life is always needing organization: appointments on the calendar, the sock drawer, filing cabinet and digital pictures to name a few. Disorder is the constant. We eat and then have dishes to clean. We complete a project and begin a new one.

More important than being organized may be learning to live lovingly in the disorder.

So often I feel if I can just get passed this hurtle or organize this other thing then I can relax. The truth is there is a deeper calling to live lovingly toward myself and others amid the disorder.

Jesus called the disciples away from the fixed organized life into life loving God and neighbor. Jesus is the way we follow not a more organized put together life. The Spiritual life is one that is focused on what matters amid the mess of life with its constant challenges. 

The Spirit is like breath. We get a new fresh breath constantly. Air is available to us like God’s Presence. A constant supply of new life filling our lungs enlivening our inner spirit.

Take a moment in the New Year and breathe. What is it that God is saying to you? How is God inviting you to participate in the Spiritual Life? It is a New Year and each moment we are invited to recognize that true Life is found amid the disorder. Trust the way of Christ which brings peace beyond understanding

With You on the Journey.
This Weekend at St. James the Less

Saturday, January 5

9:00 a.m. | Community Garden Planning Meeting

Sunday, January 6

8:00 a.m. |Holy Eucharist with Traditional Language

9:15 a.m. |Thirty Worthy Minutes: Meet Tommy Rogers

10:00 a.m. |Holy Eucharist with Contemporary Language

11:00 a.m. | Sweet Treats & Fellowship