March 8, 2019
Mentors are needed in life. They often arrive without our effort. We might not even recognize that what they teach us is exactly what is needed. And it is only later looking back that we see what has grown in us because of their presence in our lives.

That has certainly been true in my life. Last weekend I attended the consecration of the 10th bishop of Kansas, Cathleen Chittenden- Bascom. She has been my spiritual mentor for over 17 years. 

The weekend gave us some rare opportunities to say what we mean to each other. I told Cathleen that when I find myself confused as to what to do as a priest facing a problem I cannot solve, I hear her say to me, “Well, Lisa what has God said to you about this?”

Cathleen like a farmer, planted the seed of prayer in my spirit.

That is what good mentors do they plant seeds. Small wisdoms, little truths, and confidence in where to turn when we are confused or troubled.

We all need mentors and we need to mentor others. The church sets the stage for these kinds of relationships by valuing wisdom’s way of knowing.

Lent has begun with the smear of dust on your brow reminding you that life is short, precious and meant to be lived consciously.  

Who has been a mentor in your life?
What did they teach you that remains?
Who are you teaching the path of wisdom?
What confidence can you sew into their spirit that will grow even after you are gone?.
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