We Are In This Together
In our mission to help newcomers to Canada on their settlement journey, and to serve the community with innovative development programming, we are not alone. There are individuals and organizations with similar mindsets that help us deliver our programs and reach our goals. Though a small sample of our partnerships is featured in this edition, we are humbled by the support of all who walked with us in the past and those have recently joined our efforts.
Empowering Youth
Launched on World Refugee Day, 2019, the Youth Leadership Program (YLP) aims to educate and raise awareness of refugee issues among the youth participants.
Through training and workshops, they received the tools to become active advocates of the refugee issues in communities across Toronto.
Partner: UNHCR

Through their Eyes

A group of 15 seniors from different backgrounds playing with dinosaurs can only mean one thing: they are learning to take a portrait, and will use this skill to build a collage that will help them tell their story.
Parner: Koffler Centre of the Arts

Back to The Roots

Fact: not every Toronto resident of Latin American origin recognizes Spanish as their mother tongue (2016 Census).
This group promotes the cultural identity of newcomer and Canadian-born youth of Latin American background.
Partner: Teach2Learn

From the Client's Perspective

"It is because of CultureLink that I am confident that I will fully settle in this new beautiful city." says Megha, in a heartwarming letter that ends with the magical words "Tomorrow is my first day (at work)". Congratulations Megha!
Bikes 4 Kids
A collaboration between CultureLin,  Cycle Toronto  and founding donors Malcolm Mackillop and Brandin O’Connor of Shields O’Donnell Mackillop LLP.
In June 2019, Bikes 4 Kids gave away 50 bicycles, locks and helmets to all grade 4 students of a school in West North York. The bikes were built by volunteers and staff at CultureLink's Bike Hub at 15 Tobermory Drive, in the Jane-Finch neighborhood.

"I will go biking and be healthy, while having fun with my cousins riding my bike. Biking is important because bikes do not cause pollution. I am so thankful about getting the chance to meet goodhearted people. Thank you so much for the bike!", wrote one student.

Before receiving their new bikes, all the students participated in a cycling education program focused on skills and safety. " I learned how to wear a helmet, about bike safety and how to fix a pedal that is stuck", another student told us.

The bicycles were generously donated and collected by a local Toronto law firm, Shields O’Donnell MacKillop (SOM) LLP and two of its lawyers, Malcolm and Brandin, who are cycling enthusiasts.

This year we are extending the call for donations to the general public, and hoping to amplify the impact of your support by using the bicycles at a couple of other schools prior to the giveaway, for cycling education programs.

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