Have San Francisco rents bottomed out? It depends on whom you ask.

In our latest article, we add a bit of context to the raw numbers being spewed out and our outlook moving forward.
Don't get lost in translation

If SB 633 is passed, landlords would have the added burden of furnishing disclosures to lease guarantors in 5 different languages. We join our industry partners in voicing opposition to the bill and provide a refresher on laws relating to the negotiation of leases in the tenant's native tongue.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
The pandemic is far from over, but after months of misery, it has been reported that California has the lowest rate of COVID-19 cases anywhere in the nation.

We are confident that this means the members of our community who have been inordinately shouldered with the economic costs of the pandemic by providing housing with little guarantee of rental income can begin having cash flow once again.

This surge of hope will not raise rent prices anytime soon, but we think the worst is behind us.

There has been a lot of reporting on San Francisco rent prices and many projections are being made on where they are headed. We don't profess to be economists or have a crystal ball, but we felt obligated to chime in and add some context to the prophecies and raw numbers in our latest article.

Under proposed legislation, landlords would have to provide disclosures to lease guarantors in five different languages. We make our case against SB 633 in this article and give a refresher on the rules relating to translation when the lease is negotiated in a language other than English.

In parting thoughts, while California's eviction moratorium is set to expire June 31, make no mistake that the court system will have a massive backlog of cases.

Although we are encouraged that access to the courts and the traditional tools we have had in a pre-pandemic world can be availed again, it will be a painfully slow process to utilize the courts. This is why, as always, our strong preference is to resolve landlord-tenant disputes out of court.

Thank you for your continued engagement, please be safe, and let's think smartly about protecting and optimizing your real estate investments.

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