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Wednesday June 24

Road to TiECon, June, 2020 Session. "Road to TiECon” (RTT) an anchor event every month featuring our sponsors as well as other experts in a more lengthy format of about 120 minutes with a myriad of keynotes, panels, fireside chats etc. Each RTT will feature knowledge and solutions in different domain aspects for the current time and for the future, but still within the underlying thesis of "live, learn and adapt in these novel times.” 8am

Thursday June 25

Seema Rekha presented by Rewire Community. Please join us for Seema Rekha (Boundaries): an 8- week skill building workshop for women on creating personal boundaries for healthy relationships. This workshop is specifically tailored to exploring, understanding and navigating the needs of collective cultures, such as South Asian cultures. 6pm

COVID-19: The Economic Impact in India. India is emerging from the world's largest lockdown in its fight against COVID-19. What challenges lie ahead for the country's 1.3 billion residents? Yamini Aiyar, president and chief executive of the Centre for Policy Research, Naushad Forbes, co-chairman of Forbes Marshall, and Stephen Luby, professor of medicine (infectious diseases), will share their expertise in a conversation moderated by Saumitra Jha, associate professor of political economy. 9am

Oral History Workshop by 1947 Archive. This is a FREE workshop on how to record and submit oral history interviews, offered by The 1947 Partition Archive. You will learn the basic etiquettes and procedures for conducting oral history interviews, as well as basic video recording techniques. You will also learn how to use our online system for submitting oral history interviews. Please note that this workshop is REQUIRED for anyone wishing to record and submit oral history interviews through our online system. 10am

Saturday June 27

Healing with Ayurveda for Uncertain Times. Mount Madona Institute presents, interactive weekend retreat where the focus will on exploring the unique mind body types and how Ayurveda can help keep balance during the uncertain times. 9am

Mulk, a Rishi Kapoor film featured by ECSA. Escapist Cinema of South Asia features MULK, a major tribute to Indian Bollywood icon, Rishi Kapoor. Tickets are $6.00 for general public. 5pm
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