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We stand on the shoulders of powerful womxn.

IPAY has been built and sustained by womxn. The leaders of our field have always led by example. Now it is our responsibility to create an equitable landscape for future generations of womxn in the field of performing arts for youth. 

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"What I have gained most from IPAY, I learned through mentorship from the many womxn who were involved in the leadership and service of the organization - Mary Rose Lloyd, Colleen Porter, Susan Crofton, and Maranne Welsh to name just a few, taught me about the sector and the many strengths and intricacies of the greater ecosystem that we were all a small part of. They welcomed me and many others in, helping us to find our place, but also pushing and provoking, never satisfied with anything substandard and always demanding more from those they took under their wing.
Throughout many years of IPAY and many, many Showcases, we have had opportunity to celebrate, learn from and be inspired by many amazing womxn whom have always been leaders in our field - from staff and board members, to creators and artists, as well as producers, agents, managers, educators, presenters, students, funders and cultural agents. Without womxn there would never have been, and never would be, an IPAY.
Perhaps my favourite thing about IPAY now, is the opportunity to continue to learn from, be inspired by and to be mentored by a young generation of leaders - Sam Tower, Nambi Kelley, Amanda Pintore, Danica Rosengren, Nia Benjamin, Marisol Rosa-Shapiro just to name a very few. I imagine we must all have lists of womxn whom have helped make us who we now are, as well as those that continue to help us to be better, do more and to make positive change. It's in this spirit that I pledge to use the power and privilege that I have to give voice and opportunity to womxn in our sector and am happy to donate to this cause - to this current campaign as well as moving forward."

Boomer Stacey
Executive Director of International Performing Arts for Youth

Marranne Welch
Karla Hartley and 
Colleen Toohey Porter 
Mary Rose Lloyd and 
Cheryle Hansen

Marisol Rosa-Shapiro and Nambi Kelle y speaking at IPAY SPARK Pre-Conference  (Kate Raines, 2019)


We've reached 10% of our 20k goal for WOMXN 2020, thanks to our first round of generous donors. Remember that IPAY is matching EVERY DOLLAR for the campaign, so your donations have DOUBLE the impact! 

Together, we are working towards gender justice in the field of performing arts for youth. It will take time and resources to create real change, but we are committed, and your support makes it possible.

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Why are we using this spelling of womxn?

International Performing Arts for Youth is committed to practicing intersectional feminism and the inclusion of all womxn and gender-variant people in our programs. We choose to use this alternative spelling to acknowledge and counteract the history of trans-exclusionary language in many feminist spaces and welcome all womxn, trans, and gender-non conforming people into the IPAY community.
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