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February 2020
Now offering
Liquid Nitrogen Treatment!
  • Skin tags catching on your clothes? 

  • Want to get rid of those pesky barnacles? 

  • Worried the rough spot might be skin cancer? 

Come in for a comprehensive skin exam. 
I now have liquid nitrogen available to treat many kinds of skin lesions:

$75 for a single lesion
$175 for up to 15 lesions

Source: EatingWell.com, December 2019

Health Benefits of Massage

Massage is great for helping you relax, but it also has more therapeutic benefits:
How can massage do all that?

“The skin is moved during a moderate pressure massage, which results in a calming and slowing of the nervous system,” says Tiffany Field, PhD at the University of Miami School of Medicine. "And that slowing of the nervous system leads to other physiological effects too, like a decrease in heart rate, lowered blood pressure, and changes in EEG patterns (electrical activity in your brain)", says Field. And you can get these great effects after only 20 minutes!

Treat yourself to a massage & improve your health!
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