With our whole being may we give witness to the
goodness that is all around us.
Gospel Living
Unity in Diversity
An Estate Plan for the Earth
Presented by Sister Verónica Méndez and
FSPA Integral Ecology Director Beth Piggush

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 2 p.m. Central

As they live out their commitment to care for creation, women's religious communities have become leaders in local land conservation. To mark this monthlong Season of Creation, EarthBeat and Global Sisters Report will host a virtual conversation with representatives of two communities that have made different decisions about how to preserve their land for future generations.

The session will be moderated by Brian Roewe (EarthBeat) and Chris Herlinger (Global Sisters Report), and will accompany a series of articles about how religious communities are making land-use decisions.
FSPA Affiliation 40th Anniversary
To honor 40 years of the FSPA Affiliation program, affiliates and sisters are celebrating the interconnectedness of all things and the way of living life through the spiritual lens of Franciscan values.

A video series has been created to share how the universal values of reflection, presence, simplicity, humility, peacemaking, stewardship and service inspire them and give them life in their Franciscan journeys.
In the News & On the Podcast
On Sept. 26, WXOW News 19 shared “Navigating through life with Franciscan principles” in which FSPA Director of Affiliation Beth Allen speaks about her book “The Way in the 21st Century.”

Click the following link to
watch the short news clip: wxow.com.
New Group Media out of South Bend, Indiana, plans to tell the story of Sister Thea Bowman through their upcoming documentary set to air in the fall of 2022. Filming has taken place in many locations where Sister Thea lived and worked, including
La Crosse.

To learn more about the documentary, visit
Submit online or text your request to 601-308-1849.
"Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel yourself wanting to retreat from reality? I am with you, my friend. War, violence, refugees, the pandemic, climate catastrophes, fires, floods, droughts, division, racism and just solid injustice floods our senses and our hearts to the point of overwhelming despair."

Read "All Shall Be Well in Time of Pandemic" by Sister Sarah Hennessey.
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