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Witnessing Psolodrama


Dear Friends,

What does it mean to truly witness another?

Yes, we "interact" throughout our day, giving little bits of attention here and there to other human beings. But increasingly we are being distracted by our phones, by the web, by the ceaseless pings of email and text. It's become more rare that we take the time to listen to another person in-depth, in an undistracted way.

And to witness another person--to take responsibility for being present, to be a nonjudgmental container for their process, to be in service to them--is something profoundly different.

To be a witness is an act of service. But when one gives of oneself this way, it can also be a joyful and satisfying experience.

In practicing psolodrama, it is not only the psoloist who plays many roles. The witness too, wears multiple hats: facilitator, friend, co-counselor, appreciative audience, coach, and fellow meditator -- and most important of all, holder of the space, the container for the work.

How the witness approaches these roles, how present the witness can be, and how open the witness is to receiving whatever arises in the psoloist's work, influences the quality, depth, and impact of the experience for both.

At our May Lab we'll discuss the process of witnessing and the types of awareness a good witness cultivates. We'll also witness one another practicing psolodrama.

Please join us Sunday, May 10, from 3:30-7:00pm, to practice and witness psolodrama together.

This is a free workshop -- don't miss it! 

Looking forward to seeing you there,


p.s. -- If you are new to psolodrama, you are welcome to join us! Please contact us in advance for ways to get up to speed prior to the Lab.


Joel Gluck, MEd, RDT
Registered Drama Therapist
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June 21, 2015: The Psolodrama Sharing Process

"It strikes me that Moreno found a key to the group when he asked for sharing from the heart." 

-- Zerka Moreno 


The purpose of the sharing process in psolodrama is to provide an opportunity for the psoloist to reflect on and explore her process more deeply, in dialogue with a supportive witness.

A good witness pays attention, with an open heart and a caring gaze, as the psoloist goes on her journey.

Afterward, the sharing process is, ideally, a deep, rich, warm, and spontaneous conversation, in which each person can share their experience of the psolodrama, the psoloist speaking from "inside" the process, and the witness providing a valuable, additional point of view. 


Oftentimes this conversation is so good, so valuable, that it may last as long or longer than the psolodrama. The psoloist and witness feel they are learning something new -- coming to new insights, or sharing something personal they may never have shared before.

As one longtime practitioner of psolodrama put it: "Both psoloist and witness are entering a realm of presence to the imaginal that is, well, sacred." 


The psoloist can leave the entire process feeling fully self-expressed: her psolodrama and the sharing process have let her say everything she needs to say -- and she feels deeply seen and heard by the witness.

The witness leaves with a feeling of peaceful satisfaction, having served the other with presence and lovingkindness, and having been witness to authentic, heart-opening work.

In June's Insight Improv Lab we'll practice psolodrama and the sharing process in depth, discuss the principles of supportive sharing in the role of the witness, as well as look at the effect of sharing on psoloist and witness.



Joel Gluck, MEd, RDT is a drama therapist, meditator, theatre artist, and executive coach who offers individual and couple therapy, workshops, clinical training, and coaching for performers and professionals throughout the world. 


Insight Improv Lab Details


* Sunday, May 10, 3:30-7:00pm
(please note NEW start time)
* Please arrive a little early as front entrance may be locked after we start.

* Cambridge Cohousing, 175 Richdale Ave, Cambridge, MA
* 9-minute walk from Porter Sq. MBTA Red Line station
* Free street parking on Sundays -- no permit needed

* Please dress to move, in loose, comfortable clothes.
* Optional: water bottle, journal & pen

Please Note: 

* In order to help create a safe therapeutic container, participants are asked to attend only if they can be present for the entire workshop.
* This workshop, although therapeutic in nature, is not a psychotherapy group. Participants must have the ability to hold and support their own emotional process.
* This session is appropriate for ages 21 and older.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or to learn more about the program.  


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May 10
Cambridge, MA

"Thank you so much for your teaching and guidance here this help others become more whole and present in this journey of life. I will remember that I sang despite saying that I would not. I will remember how I returned to a brave part of myself. You really created an atmosphere that encouraged and cultivated courage. Anything is possible."