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Unsere Lieblingsmusik / Our Favorite Music
Liebe TCGIS-Gemeinschaft,

Welcome to the Woche der TCGIS Einheit / Week of TCGIS Unity!  

We're kicking off this week of fun and community with a list of favorite songs submitted by TCGIS staff. Some are for grown-ups, some for kids, and most are for both!

Did you know: Music is a mnemonic device that helps us learn language? (Babbel)

Think about all the things you first learned through song: the alphabet, numbers, seasons, and more. We feel music and rythmn in our bodies, the melodies help us learn and recall the lyrics, and lyrics help us learn the cadence and vocabulary of another language. We love using music to teach and learn German at TCGIS!

Music also connects us with what we love and appreciate in German, Austrian and Swiss culture. Here is a varied list of staff and student favorite tunes in the German language.

For Grown-ups (and kids):

  1. Ein Hoch auf uns - Andreas Bourani
  2. Je ne parle pas français - Namika
  3. Eine ins Leben - Pizzera & Jaus
  4. Atemlos durch die Nacht - Helene Fischer
  5. Fahrrad Fahr'n - Max Raabe
  6. Nur ein Wort - Wir Sind Helden
  7. Von Allein - Culcha Candela
  8. "Das ist Berlin" - Die Hymne für die Stadt - Berliner Morgenpost
  9. Haus am See - Peter Fox
  10. Drück die Eins - Annett Louisan

For Kids (and their grown-ups, too):
  1. Wir sind gar nicht müde - Die Gang
  2. Schokolade - Deine Freunde
  3. Wind - Nena (of 99 Luftballons-fame)
  4. Ich schaff das schon - Rolf Zuckowski
  5. Hurra Kinderlieder - a YouTube channel of Kinderlieder

We have far more favorites than fit in a Top-10 list! Click here for more favorites ... and please add your own favorites to this list! If you have Spotify or another streaming service, you can find playlists by specific musicians and get acqainted with more German-language musicians like them.

Music can lift our moods, and helps us feel connected to others both near and far.

Viel Spaß beim zuhören (und tanzen)!
Happy listening (and grooving)!
Tuesday, Oct. 6, is Costume Day!
All students and staff are invited to dress up in costume for a fun day of learning, whether at home or in-person. This is not Halloween-specific, so "costume" is open to interpretation. Viel Spaß!

Friday, Oct. 6 will be Pajama Day.