Wolf Creek
Lodge Newsletter
Adult Cohousing in Grass Valley, CA
March 2020
This our annual Sierra Snow edition.

The lodge is only an hour away from the Sierra Summit. If you make this drive you arrive in a different world - almost certainly a lot colder, sometimes stormy, other times white snow and blue skies. We invite you to join us on a hike.

There is a one bedroom home available for sale at Wolf Creek Lodge. Let us know if you are interested by replying to this email. We can put you in touch with the seller if you wish.

You can always get updates at our website:

Bob Miller, editor
Susan Pollard, staff photographer.
Bob M ski racer
Missed last gate - disqualified.
Third Level One Bedroom Home for Sale
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath 3rd floor home “B” Style Floor Plan,630 sq.ft. (approx.)

  • 3rd floor home offering fine views of the trees bordering Wolf Creek
  • Vaulted ceilings, storage space in attic.
  • Full kitchen
  • In floor radiant heating
  • WiFi and wired internet included in HOA dues
  • Air conditioning
  • Sunscreen roller blind on front porch
  • Sale price $302,000

Dedicated space available in underground garage, providing car parking and storage, available for an additional $13,000
#308 Living Room
#308 kitchen
This is an invitation to receive purchase offers for this home at Wolf Creek Lodge. For current information see: Available Homes
Snowshoe/YakTrax Hike
This year we again organized the official Wolf Creek Lodge Snowshoe Hike. We try to pick a date that works for all. Inevitably the date does not work for everyone but we do our best.

This has been an interesting snow year. Great snow fell early in the season but February was dry. The sky has been clear, so the nights are cold and the days warm with blue skies. The cold nights allow the snow to survive the warm days. We were waiting for another big storm to give us two feet of fluffy white snow - it did not happen.

Respecting the snow conditions we asked everyone to equip themselves with YakTrax . These attach to our hiking boots and have metal on rubber parts to give a good grip on firm or icy snow. However, conditions vary depending on the exposure and the time of the day. As the day progresses the icy snow becomes softer. So, in addition, we all carried snowshoes on, or in, our backpacks.

Susan, Claire, Jacque, Patricia and your editor set off on Friday, February 27th from the California Donner Summit Sno-Park. You will not see pictures of staff photographer Susan.
Donner Summit LakesMap - annotated
On the map I80 is at the top. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) can be seen travelling from south to north going under I80. It passes through culverts heading for Canada.

From the Sno-Park we planned to head east to reach the PCT and then turn south onto the Donner Lakes Trail. Our goal was Azalea Lake, maybe Flora Lake and, most importantly, to return.
Claire helps Patricia secure snowshoes in her backpack. Some are doubtful if we will use them.
When snow is on the ground there is no need to follow any trail. However, the summer trail generally takes the best route, so we decide to follow it. Much of the trail is about two feet wide consisting of hiker compressed snow. Leave the trail and your feet go down three inches or more.

Our initial navigating is somewhat amiss. The snow play activity near the Sno-Park confuses any obvious trail. However, we start to take our GPS seriously, and we get back on track.

Above Jacque with YakTrax on her feet and snowshoes in her backpack makes her way along the trail. Some use poles others do not. Poles certainly enhance stability on the rougher parts of the trail.
Lake Azalea.
Goal number one!
Here is our lunch spot on the banks of Lake Flora. Our goal was Azalea with Flora our stretch goal. We made the stretch goal. Goal number one!

We decide to head back via Lake Azalea but this time pass by on its west side. We are now away from any trail and select our route with the guidance of our Gaia GPS app. Nothing is certain. If we encounter a cliff we will have to reroute.
The snow is now softer since there is no compaction by other hikers and the the snow is generally softening due to the heat of the sun. We take off our YakTrax and put on our snow shoes. It was worth the effort to carry them..
No obvious trail.
Claire uses the grips on her snowshoes to climb up the steep slope.
And we make it back.
Goal number two!
Casey in Love Again
Casey Birthday address
It's been a big month for Casey. First we had a big party to celebrate her birthday. Casey thanked the community for "two great years."
Then she fell in love again. The new beau is Pegasus, a shining white, inside and out, Tesla Model 3.
This is our sixth plug-in vehicle:

  • one Tesla Model S,
  • two Tesla Model 3's,
  • one Fiat 500e
  • one Chevrolet Volt
  • one Chevrolet Bolt

As we add more how are we going to charge them without melting the transformer on the street? Read future editions of this newsletter to be the first to find out.
Super Bowl and the Oscars
Super Bowl Ad Votes
With apologies to NFL fans it seems as though Wolf Creek Lodge is more focused on the commercials than the game. Given the result our focus was well placed.

As for the Oscars, we really get into the swing of it.
Common Meal
Common Meal
Common meals continue to be an important feature of community life. This one featured a healthy menu, gluten free, with a vegetarian option. A dramatic chocolate dessert was a fine conclusion. Thanks, Kelly.

Cook teams come up with a never ending variety of ways of configuring our tables. This team went for one long table.
Spring has Sprung
In contrast to the snowy scenes in the Sierra, spring has definitely arrived at Wolf Creek Lodge. The first sign is the arrival of two piles of good stuff.
Wood chips
Wood chips are great for mulch. If you hear the sound of chain saws in the neighborhood, get out there and persuade the tree guys to dump the wood chips on our driveway. If you are lucky Matt will do the distribution work.
We get a lot of compost from Krista, a former member with horses. This is an additional pile from a commercial supplier.

Seems like this is the secret for abundance in our landscape.
Norma prunes the apple tree.
Claire removes dead wood from the Rosemary bush.
Getting the Work Done
That baseboard needs replacing. How big is it?
Flower of the Month
What a difference a month makes in the gardens. Last month the winner was a fungus. This month Susan offered a camellia, a daffodil, an apricot bloom, a primrose and another daffodil. The apricot bloom above received the most votes from our members.
Best of Both Worlds
Best of Both Worlds
"The Best of Both Worlds, Cohousing's Promise" will be aired on PBS KVIE as follows:

  • 3/18 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm
  • 3/20 (Friday) at 4:00 pm
  • 3/21 (Saturday) at 7:30 am
  • 3/22 (Sunday) at 6:30 pm

Several members of Wolf Creek Lodge star in the movie.

You can see more information and a trailer here: cohousingfilm.com
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