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June 3, 2015
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Shali & Klondike

These are busy times at Wolf Haven. Within the last month or so, we've acquired four new sanctuary residents - three Mexican gray wolf pups, plus Shalimar, an eight-year old female gray wolf.  The pups were born here as part of the Mexican wolf Species Survival Plan program, and Shali came to us from a zoo in North Carolina. As for Shali, she's ready for your "adoption".
June Wolf Tracks
Mexican wolf pup
Three pups born
We are so pleased to announce that two of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolves at Wolf Haven - M752 and F962  - have had a litter of three pups this year.  This pairing was one of the most genetically important this season, making these pups extremely valuable to the entire Mexican wolf population. You can view some footage taken with our remote camera.  

Reservation system launches
Wolf Haven launched an online sanctuary visit reservation system on June 1.

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