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Holiday special
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December 6, 2017

Mariah when she arrived at Wolf Haven

Welcome Two New Wolf Haven Residents:
Hodari and Mariah

Many of you recall that Mexican gray wolf  Gypsy's (F907) lifelong companion, Diablo, passed away not long ago at the age of 17. Gypsy showed significant signs of mourning the loss of her friend and we immediately began looking for another wolf in the Species Survival Plan program. A new friend eventually arrived from the Endangered Wolf Center. His number is M1458 (house name Hodari) and he is one and a half years old.

Given that Gypsy is 13-years old, we were a little concerned about the age difference but Hodari may have given her a new lease on life!  Although Gypsy and Diablo lived together since 2005, we didn't witness much interaction between them. Imagine our surprise to see Gypsy initiating play with her much-younger companion! 

Gypsy wants to play!
Gypsy wants to play!
Our new rescue, female gray wolf Mariah, arrived here in November. She was most recently living at Lockwood Animal Rescue Center (LARC) in California, and their staff drove her up to Washington.  Mariah shares an enclosure with Yukon, who lost his companion Jaque in August. She was the third companion that he had lost over the course of his 13 years at Wolf Haven. Mariah appears to be a calm and curious wolf, and we hope that she and Yukon have many years together.
Wolf Haven news

Frosted prairie
  Prairie winter

Winter has set in on Wolf Haven's prairie. Though the winter months can be bleak, gray, and wet with occasional snow, there are animals that stay active through it all.While it may appear that Wolf Haven's prairie is sleeping through those long cold months, know that is still very much awake.

Bald eagles, garter snakes and Mazama pocket gophers are
just a few of our year-round prairie residents.
Wolf Haven's annual closure mid-Feb to mid-March

Early reminder: Wolf Haven will be closed to the public and won't offer sanctuary visits when wolf breeding season comes around again. Although we never breed our rescued wolves and breed red and Mexican wolves based upon Species Survival Plan program needs, Wolf Haven still shuts down annually to offer all of our residents some privacy during this time.

"Conserve and protect wolves and their habitat."
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