FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            2/14/17


Kim Young, Director of Communications
Wolf Haven International
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Wolf Haven Temporarily Closed for 30 Days
Wolf breeding cycle

Tenino- Wolf Haven International is temporarily closed to the public and will not offer wolf sanctuary visits from now through March 17. The administrative office will remain open at this time.

London is one of rescues at Wolf Haven
London is one of the rescues at Wolf Haven
Rescued Wolves  
Displaced, captive-born animals

Wolves go through a natural breeding cycle annually during this period. The sanctuary's rescued wolves have been partially altered, which allows them to go through typical mating behavior but not reproduce. Wolf Haven currently has 32 permanent rescued residents. Wolf Haven does not breed any of their rescued animals. 
Gypsy is a Mexican gray wolf at Wolf Haven
Critically Endangered Wolves 

Wolf Haven is a participant in two federally managed breeding programs for endangered wolves: one for the red wolf  (found only in the U.S.) and the other for the Mexican gray wolf (native to the Southwest and Mexico). Breeding recommendations for these special animals are made annually by participating Species Survival Plan managers and based on the program needs. Wolf Haven currently cares for 14 Mexican wolves and 10 red wolves. 

Nash is one of the red wolves recommended for breeding this year
Nash is one of the red wolves recommended for breeding this year
Two pair recommended for breeding 
One pair of Mexican and one pair of red wolves 

One pair of Mexican wolves and one pair of red wolves at Wolf Haven have been recommended for breeding in 2017. Remote cameras in the enclosures enable animal care staff to observe wolf behavior and possible pup watch. If pups are born, it will occur at the end of April or early May. 


A litter of red wolves was born at Wolf Haven in 2016, and the same parenting pair are recommended for breeding this year. Three litters of Mexican wolves were born at Wolf Haven in 2015.


Wolf Haven International resumes scheduled  guided sanctuary visits on  Saturday, March 18. Visit the website at or call 360.264.4695 for hours and information. 



About Wolf Haven International

Wolf Haven International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is working to conserve and protect wolves and their habitat. For nearly 35 years, Wolf Haven has provided sanctuary to 200+ captive-born wolves, offered educational programs about wolves and wildlife and advocated for wolf restoration in the wild.

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