Wolf Pride Updates
Special Edition
Monday, June 1, 2020
ICHS Stands United
Dear ICHS Community,

Over the past week, the nation has watched in dismay the footage of horrific incidents leading to the deaths of innocent lives. These senseless acts of violence leave us heartbroken and devastated.

The ICHS community joins the nation in mourning these unspeakable tragedies. We renew our commitment to our Felician Core Values for Ministry: Respect for Human Dignity, Compassion, Transformation, Solidarity with the Poor, and Justice and Peace.

ICHS has always been committed to creating an inclusive environment that recognizes and respects people of every cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious background. Now more than ever, our collective efforts to foster a community of respect must be front of mind. Diversity is our greatest asset, and we must each do our part to nurture and protect one another, and to serve as a model for our community, for the nation, and for the world.

Let us unite as a community, pray, and continue to fight for justice and peace.

In solidarity,

Joseph R. Azzolino

Mr. Joseph R. Azzolino
Head of School
Special Announcement from
Immaculate Conception High School

In response to the numerous requests received from parents and families, Immaculate Conception High School has been asked to consider opening a middle school.

Interested parties, please contact:
Miss Nicole Mineo, Coordinator of Enrollment Management
Email: nmineo@ichslodi.org
Phone: (973) 773–2665

In your e-mail or voicemail, please provide your name, your child’s name, their grade in September 2020, and your contact information.
Stay Safe and God Bless!

“Serve where you are needed.” – Blessed Mary Angela
Congratulations Class of 2020!
Thank you for all the laughs, fun and memories!
The ICHS Community wishes you all the best in your future endeavors!

With Love, The ICHS Faculty and Staff
The Power of Prayer

ICHS mourns the loss of our community members, and we remember and honor them through the power of prayer.
Community Feedback
ICHS appreciates our community’s support, positive thoughts, and prayers during these very difficult times. Please continue to share your feedback with us. Together, we will all get through this time of uncertainty.
Dear Mr. Azzolino and Faculty,

I hope this email finds everyone well.

As a parent, we always try and make the right decisions for our children. I can truly say, sending my daughter to IC for her high school career was the BEST decision I ever made. Angela had a wonderful education because she had terrific teachers. A teacher's job is never easy so I want to personally thank each and every teacher and staff at IC for their dedication, patience, and hard work.

She established lifelong friendships. Her last 3 softball seasons were nothing short of AMAZING and simply unforgettable. Her faith in God is strong and her compassion for others is sincere.

Thank you for your strong leadership and helping to make IC feel like a second home. Although her senior year wasn't the way we wanted it to end, the lasting memories of her past 4 years will remain in her heart forever!

I also want to thank everyone involved for trying to have a senior prom in July and especially an in person graduation in August. I pray everyday that these events can take place so Angela and the class of 2020 can end their final moments at IC on a high note.

I want to wish all of you a safe and enjoyable summer. It's well deserved! 

God Bless the staff at IC! Once a Blue Wolf Always a Blue Wolf!

Diana Rossi
ICHS Alumnae
Do you have news to share or would like to
record yourself doing our morning prayers?

Please email Miss Sherry Batelli at  sbatelli@ichslodi.org