April 15, 2020
A Scrabble art project by Lilli Glatz with Easter words
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The O'Reilly Minute
Dear Parents,

I hope you had a joyous Easter with your family! The celebration of Easter is always a gift, but it is even more of a gift this year. The reminder of the risen Lord is a story of hope and joy which is so needed as we continue to love, support and care for one another during this pandemic.

As we move from emergency to the new normal for our e-learning, our staff has been busy putting together routines and resources to help support our students and families. Based on input from our recent survey, we have a new page on our website with resources, tools and schedules to assist parents. Please see the story below for more details.

I would like to remind parents that 3rd quarter report cards and discipleship rubrics went out last week. There has been a SchoolSpeak error with the sign off feature, and we will be sending out an update about re-signing as soon as we hear back from SchoolSpeak (stay tuned for another email regarding this!).  As we progress through the 4th quarter, many of you may be wondering if there will be a 4th quarter report card. The answer is yes! We are all embracing this challenge to build our skills for a different type of learning. Our amazing staff meets weekly to discuss and share different teaching strategies. Our teachers are presenting material, offering feedback and assessing completed work. We are sensitive to the fact that not all family schedules may allow students to complete work exactly as scheduled. Please reach out to your teachers if your children are having challenges with completing work. We are happy to problem solve and to help work through all your concerns.

Our teachers and staff are not only here to support your children academically, but we are also here to support your child’s social and emotional health. Please reach out to me, your child’s teacher or Miss Williams, our guidance counselor if there is anything we can do to support your child or family. We know that this is a challenging time in our world and there are resources available so we can help support your child/family in many different ways. We are here to help.

The City of Dublin is in need of assistance with filling the shelves of the Dublin Food Pantry. If you are able to participate in this effort there are details in the story below. Also, the city is in need of masks for police officers, fire fighters, park and recreation staff, etc. If possible, the request is for these masks to be made from plain fabric rather than “cute” and “fun” fabrics. There is information below about where to drop off masks. Thank you for helping to support the larger community.

We are very excited to announce our very first “Wolfhound E- Talent Show and Tell.” Please check out the story below for more information. I am looking forward to this school community event and to watching the postings of our talented Wolfhounds!

Easter Blessings,
Kathy O'Reilly
New Webpage: E-Learning Resources
We have compiled a website with all the virtual resources needed for this time, along with many additional e-learning resources, projects, activities and articles to help you through this time.

The webpage will be updated with new resources, but the main resources will remain there.

To access, visit stbrigidofkildare.com/elearning, or use the "E-LEARNING" link from the top of the page.
Social-Emotional Resources for this Time
Below are a variety of resources and articles that may be helpful during this time. These links are all also included at the E-Learning Resources webpage.

Wolfhounds E-Talent Show & Tell
Do you have a talent that you would like to share? Make a video using Flipgrid and share it with our school! Here is what you do:

1. Go to the Saint Brigid School Flipgrid account using this link: https://flipgrid.com/bensonhaver3037

2. Log in using your Saint Brigid Google account.

3. You will see a headline for “Topics”. Click on the “Wolfhounds E-Talent Show and Tell!” topic.

3. Click the green circle with a + sign to record a video. You may have to download the app depending on the device you are using.

4. Create your video! Some suggestions for talents include but are not limited to: singing, dancing, playing an instrument, magic tricks, and telling jokes. Your video may be up to one minute in length.

5. After you make your video you can edit it for length. The program will then ask you to take a selfie and enter your name and title of your video. Then click submit.

You may start submitting your videos on Flipgrid now, and they will be accepted through the end of April. Ms. Bensonhaver will review, approve, and activate the videos beginning Monday, April 20. Make sure to check back frequently for new videos! If you have questions email Ms. Bensonhaver at ms.bensonhaver@stbrigid-school.org.
Wellness Gardens -- April is Garden Month
Have you noticed the changes outside? Spring is in bloom and the time will soon be right to plant a vegetable garden! If this is a project that has never fit into your busy family schedule, this may be the perfect year. Even if you have little or no gardening experience, this may still be the perfect year. We can help!
Over the years the Wellness Committee has made connections with educational gardening organizations that have resources for schools and families alike. Kids Gardening.org, Whole Kids Foundation.org. and PBS Kids WOSU Classroom all have information for the novice or expanding gardener. Click here for the websites.

Besides these groups, we have our very own "Papa Jack", as he is known by our students, who is willing to share his knowledge and experience with your family during this unique growing season. Jack Rekstis retired and moved to Columbus with his wife several years ago to be closer to his grandchildren (some of whom attend St. Brigid). Our school garden and our after-school Garden Club have flourished since Jack arrived. This year Jack is very willing to help your family with garden advice by email (jack@rekstismediation.com) or by phone (216-832-7666).

Start a family conversation this week about the possibility of a garden at your house. What would you like to grow? The Wellness Committee will be back during the next few weeks with more ideas for your backyard garden!
Let's Stay Connected: Share Your Learning!
During this complicated time when we can't be together physically, let's lift each other's spirits and stay connected virtually!

We would love to see your photos of your children continuing their learning and creativity while social distancing.

Please share your photos and a short description via emailing them to Allie Wing at mrs.wing@stbrigid-school.org and they will be featured in the Wolfhound Wednesday as well as on our Facebook page. Feel free to also upload to social media and tag our Facebook page at facebook.com/stbrigidschool!
Kindergarten groups working on directed drawings with OT Ms. Ghiloni
The Freiburger boys playing Kahoot together
Mrs. McKenna during her virtual office hours.
Olivia Long with her Holy Week project
A virtual craft club meeting with Mrs. Maschari -- students had the opportunity to either draw each other or an object in their room without looking down at their paper or lifting their pens.
A virtual scavenger hunt with a group of 7th and 8th graders -- we read off an item like a colander or a book that has a title that starts with B, D or T. The students had to find it in their houses and hold it up in front of their Chromebook screen.
Mrs. Troutman drove to each of her students' homes for a socially distant drive-by visit! If they were not home she surprised them with a chalk drawing in their driveway. Here is her drawing from Anna Ziegler's home.
Students worked on an environmental art project during Holy Week in Mrs. Habel's class.
SBAA Board Updates
The Athletic Board members are an annual re-elected position. We encourage all parish members to apply regardless of children in the program and/or previous service on the board. All current board members wanting to continue service should apply as well.

This is your chance to get involved! If you have any interest in helping out with the athletic board, this is the time. You can see a list of current board positions here.

If you would like more information about any of our board positions and/or to express interest, simply contact info@gowolfhounds.com by May 10. The time commitment depends on the position, but for most positions is far less than you might expect - and you get to be involved with all our sports programs and initiatives.

While all positions are available, in particular we are actively looking for a new Football Commissioner and Secretary. Just contact us for more information!
  • Football Commissioner
  • Secretary

Board Elections will occur during the SBAA meeting on May 12.
Easter Mass Viewing Photos
We hope you enjoyed a virtual Easter Mass with your family!

Below are photos from our parishioners of families viewing the Easter Mass at home.
The Dublin Food Pantry Needs Our Help
In partnership with the Dublin Food Pantry, Dublin City Schools and St. Brigid School and Parish, there will be a food drive for the pantry on Thursday April 16, Tuesday April 21 and Thursday April 23. Residents can drop off items in the Eli Pinney vestibule from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on each of these days.
A list of the food pantry’s most needed items are listed below.

SPAGHETTI BOXES* (regular size)
Small (hotel sized) SOAP, SHAMPOO, LOTION, ETC.

Face Masks Needed
The City of Dublin is in need of plain fabric masks for police officers, fire fighters, park and recreation staff and other city employees. If you are able to participate in this service project masks may be dropped off in the boxes located at the front entrance of Dublin Police Station, 6565 Commerce Parkway and Dublin Service Center, 6555 Shier Rings Road.  Below are several options for making masks including a "how to" video made by 7th grade student Jackie McAuliffe.

How To Make A Mask by Jackie McAuliffe-7N

Additional pattern for face masks: https://www.joann.com/make-to-give-response/

And here is another, not using elastic but four 16” string ties instead: