Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.

Isaiah 7:14 NIV

December 11, 2016

Tis the Season!!

Your Christmas gift to Prince Avenue Christian School’s Annual Fund will be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Your support is crucial to meeting our budget and continuing to provide the excellence in Christian education you have entrusted us to give your children.

As you consider your end of the year charitable donations remember Prince Avenue Christian School. By giving to the Annual Fund we are able to keep tuition reasonable.

Your tax deductible gift is a Wolverine Tradition. Give every year. Make a difference every day. 

Year End Giving
A Reminder About Year-End Giving

Year-end gifts to Prince Avenue Christian School must be received on or before December 31 in order to qualify as a tax-deductible gift for the 2016 tax year.  

In person: Donations by cash or check can be made in person during school hours this coming week, December 12th – December 16th.   School offices will close at noon on December 16th and will be closed through January 2nd.

By mail: To apply to the 2016 tax year, donations must be postmarked (not just the date of the check) on or before December 31.

Online:  Donations finalized before midnight on December 31st will apply to the 2016 tax year.  Please visit and select the quick link on the top menu bar for giving.

Thank you for your support of PACS!   If you have questions about giving opportunities, please contact the PACS Development office at (678)726-2314 or
Apogee Deadline Approaching

Dear Prince Families:

Please take a moment to view this short two minute video presentation about this fast, simple way to help keep tuition cost increases down for ALL our families.  
– Seth Hathaway   

Deadline for signing up is December 15, 2016.

For more information, call the development office.  

678-726-2314 or  678-726-2315
Elementary Keyboard Teacher Applications
Prince Avenue Christian School is accepting applications for an elementary keyboarding teacher. 

Prince Avenue Christian School (PACS) is a ministry of Prince Avenue Baptist Church (PABC), and the teacher’s conduct reflects on the church and school. Therefore, the teacher agrees to act in a godly manner at all times and be under the authority of the head of school, PABC, and abide by the Christian Life Commitment Statement, Biblical Morality Statement, Statement of Belief, and policies thereof.
Substitute Teachers Needed

Are you interested in substitute teaching at PACS?

If so, please go to our school website or click the button below and fill out the application. You may drop it off at the front office or submit it electronically.  All applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee before interviews are conducted.

Keep Collecting Box Tops!
Prince families, please continue to collect box tops over the Christmas holidays. We will combine our box tops winners from November and December and have one big collection on Friday, January 6 when we return to school. Thank you!

Tina Lord, PTF Chair   
Calendar Highlights
Monday, December 12
D Day Schedule  for Middle & High School

Tuesday, December 13  
A Day Schedule for Middle School
  • High School Exam Reviews
  • Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball vs Mt. Pisgah at HOME

Wednesday, December 14
B Day Schedule for Middle School

  • High School Exams
Thursday,December 15
C Day Schedule for Middle School
  • High School Exams

Friday, December 16
C Day Schedule for Middle & High School

  • High School Exams
  • Early Dismissal/End of the Semester
  • Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball vs Athens Academy at HOME

Saturday, December 17

  • Varsity Girls Basketball @ North Cobb
  • Swim Meet @ Ramsey Center

Chaplain's Corner

PACS Parents,
In our normally slotted Chapel time this past week, our students were broken into Discussion Groups (by grade and by gender) to build upon the previous week’s message from our Distinguished Speaker, Kevin “Chappy” Hynes. These Discussion Groups are facilitated by our Prince faculty, but the discussions and conversations within these groups are student-driven. We see great value in this method for the following reasons:

  1. It allows the students to express what, from the Distinguished Speaker’s message, particularly stood out to them as being important
  2. It gives the students an opportunity to learn and gain some insight from one another. 
  3. It provides a “safe” place for our students to be emotionally vulnerable with one another. 
  4. It builds and strengthens a sense of community within that group of students.

Some great questions for you and your family to discuss this week are a review of the questions that were discussed in our students’ Discussion Groups. The following are a few of those questions:

  • “The Bible is inerrant, which means without error…why is this so important?”
  • "What are some specific examples in your life that the Bible actually guides you in making the right decisions? If you were unsure of the inerrancy of the Bible, how would that impact or change the way that you made those decisions?”
  • “Chappy said: ‘The Bible is real, relevant, and relational.’ How is it ‘real?’ How is it ‘relevant?’ and How is it ‘relational?’”
  • Read Luke 10:25-37 together.
  • “Chappy said, ‘The lawyer in this passage wanted to question Jesus, not humbly worship and submit himself to Jesus.’ He went on to say, ‘Questioning is okay…failing to investigate is not.’
  • Do you think that questioning God and/or the Bible is okay? And if so, why?
  • What is the difference between doubt and disbelief?
  • What should we, as Christians, do with our questions/doubts? How can God strengthen us in the midst of our questions/doubts?
  • “When speaking about the Good Samaritan, Chappy said, ‘We have got to be a people of compassion…not just for ourselves, but for others.’ What does that mean? What does that look like in my life?”
  • How can I pray for you?

As always, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of your students and in your families!

Ben Wallis
PACS/Director of Spiritual Life