PACS Parents,

Every New Year comes with a renewed sense of hope.  Hope is the very essence of our New Year’s resolutions... a hope that certain things in our lives from last year will change this year. However, I think we all know that for certain things to change, new habits and disciplines must become a part of our lives.

At Prince, we also have a renewed sense of hope heading into the New Year, and, like in every other facet of life, we understand that for our hopes to be realized there are some things that must be done a little differently.

For that very reason, we began our first three days back from Christmas Break with a time of spiritual emphasis. In just the past three days, in our lower school alone, we know that several of our students have given their lives to Jesus Christ, and we are in the process of following up with several more!

In our middle and high schools, we had combined chapel services all three days in which our guest speaker, Pastor Mark McAndrew, poured into the lives of our students and faculty. I told our students on Friday in our chapel service that these three days have not been about simply doing more chapel services.  These three days are to serve as a launching pad into loving God more, desiring Jesus more, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit more.

That is our greatest hope in this New Year for our students and for your family!  Be encouraged…God is doing great things at Prince!!!

Ben Wallis
PACS Director of Spiritual Life