Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:10
November 11, 2018
Chaplain's Corner
PACS Families,

As we are nearing the end of our study through the Beatitudes, this week in Chapel we walked through Matthew 5:1-2,10-12 together. Jesus clearly stated that persecution (social, relational, and even possibly physical) is not an if proposition, but rather a when certainty. With this subject, we see an uncomfortable consistency all throughout Scripture: If you follow Jesus, you will not fit in with an unbelieving world and culture. So, the daily question in front of us all is Do I want Jesus, or do I want to fit in ?”

[READ Matthew 5:1-2,10-12]

In your homes, around your tables, and in your traveling, consider the following questions to continue the conversations in your family that have begun in our Chapels…

  • As a follower of Jesus Christ, how does our life bring conviction? How does our light offend darkness?

  • When facing persecution, why is it important to stay close to God? Stay connected with other believers? Stay constant on your mission?

  • In Chapel, the question was asked: “Is persecution worth it?, and the answer was that it all depends on your perspective. If this world is all there is, then, “no” the persecution is clearly not worth it. But, if we were created for eternity and Heaven is our real home, then, “yes” the momentary persecution is most certainly worth it. Why is this true? How does this truth give comfort to us while enduring persecution?

Please let us know if there are any additional ways that we may be able to serve you and serve alongside you!

Ben Wallis
Director of Spiritual Life
For continual updates, be sure to follow us:
INSTAGRAM: pacsspirituallife
Veterans Day Ceremony
The students of
Prince Avenue
Christian School are planning a special
Veterans Day Ceremony
to honor all local veterans to be held on
Monday, November 12th 
at 10:00 am.
The ceremony will be held in the
Prince Avenue Baptist Church Worship Center.
All veterans in the Athens area and surrounding communities
are welcomed and encouraged to attend. 
Apogee/Georgia Private School
Tax Credit Program

Don’t miss this opportunity!

For more information contact Kim Brannon at  or 678-726-2314
Grandparents Day
All lower school students, encourage your
grandparents to attend this GRAND EVENT!
Uniform Requirements for This Week
Because of the special programs in this week's schedule, there are adjustments to the uniform requirements.

These changes apply to all lower, middle, and high school students.

Monday, November 14: Veterans Day
Chapel Uniform Required

Wednesday, November 16: Chapel Day
Regular Uniform Accepted

Friday, November 18: Grandparents Day
Chapel Uniform Required
Lower School
Holiday Hoodies to benefit Kids First
November 13 - December 7

Kids First is the outreach ministry founded by Larry and Anna Boling in 2003 to minister to the under-privileged children in and around Athens. PACS families can choose to participate in providing hoodies to needy children in the following ways:
  • Information for each participating Kids First child will be written on Christmas ornaments displayed on a lighted Christmas tree in the main hallway of PACS.

  • During the dates of the project, Prince parents may stop by the school and select one or more ornaments from the tree.

  • Once a family selects the ornament, they need to stop by the lower school office to see Jennifer Palmer for further instructions.

Fine Arts
Come with us to Scotland in 2020! 
Who: All current 8 th , 9 th , and 10 th  graders

When: June 2020
2nd Round Varsity Football
Private A GHSA Play-Offs
Prince Avenue Christian School Wolverines
Wesleyan School Wolves

Friday, November 16th
7:30 pm
at Brad Akins Field
Come early, pack the stands, make lots of noise, and
support the Wolverines as they take on the Wolves.

Admission Information :
General Admission Tickets: $10
Available for pre-sale in the front office
until noon Friday or for purchase
at the gate Friday night

Per GHSA Rules:  
  • Discounted pre-sale tickets for high school students only: $8
  • One ticket per high school student available in the front office until noon Friday.
  • No Booster Club, 'Lil Wolves, or Faculty/Staff passes accepted.
  • Everyone is required to have a ticket except "babies in arms".
  • No passes out.
Campus Life
Business Office
This past week, PACS integrated our two major software systems (FACTS and RenWeb ParentsWeb) to better serve our school community.

While this change will have many positive effects school-wide, there are a few items that will impact our families in the near future:

  • Use your current ParentsWeb username and password to log-in to this site. From the menu bar at, select the “Parent Log in” drop-down and the “FACTS Family Online (ParentsWeb)” option. Your FACTS username and password will no longer be needed.

  • Once you’ve logged in successfully, you will see a new link in the Family Information section that will open your FACTS account.

  • There are no changes to the RenWeb Home app, so you may continue to use this application if desired.

For questions, please contact Mike Cornish at
Parent Teacher Fellowship
The link for giving to the Christmas Cash Fund
opens on Monday, November 12th.
Media Center
Prince Fall Book Fair

Monday - Thursday November 12th -15th
from 7:45 am - 3:45 pm
Friday, November 16th
from 7:45 - 11 am.

Sponsored by Barnes and Noble
Coupon Books: $15

Available for Sale through November 16th.

Proceeds benefit the
PACS Media Center.
Includes offers from your favorite places, such as
Diablo’s Southwest Grill, Cali-N-Tito’s, Schlotzsky’s, Fox’s Pizza Den, Dickey’s Bar-B-Q, HoneyBaked Ham, Inoko Express, or Bonus Savings at Locos, DePalma’s Italian Café, Chops & Hops, Rush,A Child’s Closet, LifeWay, House Electric, Alumni Hall, Great Clips and University Tire.
The Media Center earns $8 for every book purchased.
Please pay with cash or with check made payable to PACS.
Thank you for your support!

For questions, please contact Nancy Simpson
Marketing and Communications
Parents and students can view and download pictures from this week's performance of The Agape League on the school's Dropbox.
Monday, November 12th
1:33 pm - 2:23 pm
2:27 pm - 3:18 pm

Tuesday, November 13th
7:45 am - 8:00 am
2:18 pm - 3:18 pm

Wednesday, November 14th
7:45 am - 8:00 am
8:10 am - 9:02 am
9:06am - 9:56 am
11:10 am - 12:00 pm
Thursday, November 15th

Friday, November 16th
8:00 am - 11:30 am
Calendar Highlights
Please check the website for any rescheduled games or other events.
Monday, November 12
C Day Schedule for Middle & High School

  • Chapel Uniform Required

  • Fall Book Fair

  • PACS Veterans Day Ceremony 10:00 am

  • Math Help Sessions 3:30 pm

Tuesday, November 13
D Day Schedule for Middle & High School

  • Fall Book Fair

Wednesday, November 14
A Day Chapel Schedule for Middle & High School

  • Regular Uniform Accepted

  • Fall Book Fair

  • Middle Discussions Groups and High School Chapel 10:05 am

  • Math Help Sessions 3:30 pm

Thursday, November 15
B Day Schedule for Middle & High School

  • Fall Book Fair

  • 5th Grade Trip to Georgia State Capitol

  • Winter Sports Picture Day 3:30 pm
Friday, November 16
Early Dismissal/ Grandparents Day

  • Chapel Uniform Required

  • 8th Grade Girls Gathering 7:15 am

  • Fall Book Fair

  • Grandparent's Day - Early Dismissal

  • Pre-ACT Test (10th Grade) 8:00 am

  • Swim Meet @ Georgia Aquatic Center (Middle School & High School) 4:30 pm

  • Varsity Football - Second Round State Playoffs (TBD) 7:30 pm

Saturday, November 17

  • No Special Events

Sunday, November 18

  • No Special Events
Lunch Menu: November 12 - November 16
Monday: Chicken Strips

Tuesday: Thanksgiving Meal (No Salad of the Day)

Wednesday: Corn Dogs

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday: No Lunch / Early Dismissal