"Immediately he spoke to them and said, 'Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.' 
Then he climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down. 
They were completely amazed . . . "

Mark 6:50-51
November 12, 2017
Chaplain's Corner
This past week in Chapel, we journeyed through the well-known passage about Jesus walking on the water found in Mark 6:45-52.

As you are in your homes, in your cars, and around the table this upcoming week, read the following passage and discuss the following questions:

[READ MARK 6:45-52]

  • “Knowing that Jesus had the disciples get into their boat and start making their way to Bethsaida soon after dinnertime, and the Bible tells us that they were still struggling against the storm on the Sea of Galilee into “the fourth watch of the night” (3am-6am), we know that the disciples had been fighting this storm for about 8 hours! While on the sea in the midst of the storm the disciples did not need fancier or more expensive paddles or more advance classes on how to sail (many of them were professional fisherman)…what they needed was Jesus! How does this passage relate to your life right now?”

  • “Jesus, from His vantage point on the mountain, saw the storm and saw the disciples’ boat struggling against the storm. Instead of saving the disciples from the land, He stepped out onto the water and came to them. What does this tell you about Jesus?”

  • “God loves us so much that He will bring situations into our lives in order to show us our absolute need for Him. Why is this a display of His love for us?”

  • “Right answers do not mean right relationship. The disciples saw Jesus multiply the bread for the crowds, but failed to truly understand that Jesus was the Bread of Life…they knew Jesus was from God, but failed to understand that Jesus was God…they knew Jesus showed people the way, but they failed to truly understand that Jesus was the Way. How is it easy to be around the things of God, and yet still miss out on having a relationship with God? How can we safeguard ourselves from this happening to us?”

  • “How can I pray for you?”
Special day and time—Tuesday at 9:15am

Ben Wallis
Director of Spiritual Life
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Prince Avenue Baptist Church has called Dr. J. Josh Smith as pastor.
Dr. Smith has been the lead pastor of MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church in Irving, Texas since 2006. MacArthur Boulevard is a multi-ethnic congregation located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in America. Dr. Smith has ministered in over 25 countries, worked with international students, and served as a missionary in central Europe. His greatest passion is the exaltation of Christ and the advancement of Christ's kingdom to the ends of the earth through the ministry of the local church. Josh is a graduate of Liberty University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Josh and his wife, Andrea, have four daughters and one son. He loves reading, music, collecting LPs, spending tme with his family, and being outdoors. 
To hear additional sermons preached by Dr. Smith, visit  http://www.macarthurblvd.org/resources/sermon-archives/ .
The Christmas Shoe Project
to benefit Kids First
November 13 - December 1
Kids First is the outreach ministry founded by Larry and Anna Boling in 2003 to minister to the under-privileged children in and around Athens. PACS families can choose to participate in providing shoes to needy children in the following ways:
  • Shoe information for each participating Kids First child will be written on Christmas ornaments displayed on a lighted Christmas tree in the main hallway of PACS.

  • During the dates of the project, Prince parents may stop by the school and select one or more ornaments from the tree. Parents may also send requests to their child’s teacher to have an ornament from the tree sent home in their child’s Monday folder.

  • Once a family selects the ornament, further details regarding the procedures of the project will be communicated.
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Modified Bell & Uniform Schedule This Week

Uniform Schedule for All Grades:
Monday - Thursday: Normal School Uniform
Friday: Chapel Day Dress (Grandparents Day)

Bell Schedule for Middle & High:
Tuesday: D Chapel Day Schedule
Wednesday: A Regular Day Schedule
Friday: Periods 5 - 8, Early Dismissal
Fine Arts
Lower School Musicals
The lower school musical performances are the night before Grandparents Day. Enjoy a fun evening out with your family, and celebrate the beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday.
GHSA State Football Play-Offs
After going 9-1 in regular season play, the Wolverines finished 5th in the power rankings and will get
a bye in the first round of playoffs. 

PACS will host the 2nd round play-off game on
Friday, November 17th against Whitefield Academy. 

Go Wolverines!
2017 Pitcher/Catcher Clinic
Campus Life
Marketing and Communications
Grandparent Day t-shirts previously ordered will go home with students early this week.

Additional Grandparent short and long sleeve t-shirts as well as men’s and women’s collared Prince Grandparent shirts will be available on Friday in the store.
Christmas is just around the corner.
Consider purchasing a
Wolverine General Store Gift Certificate as a stocking stuffer or special gift.
Media Center
Students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grades will come in and create a wish list to take home for parents to peruse. 

All proceeds will benefit the PACS Media Center. Checks should be made out to Prince Avenue Christian School. (Please do not include tax.)
Last Week to Purchase Fantastic Savings Books!
The PACS Media Center
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coupon books until November 17. 
The books are $15 and contain coupons to well-known businesses in the Athens area.
Thanks to all who have purchased a book.
The Media Center earns $9 for every book sold.
Calendar Highlights
Please check the web site for any rescheduled varsity games or other events.
Monday, November 13
C Day Schedule: Middle & High School

  • 7th Grade "GREATER THAN" Retreat

  • Book Fair

Tuesday, November 14
D Day Chapel Schedule: Middle & High School

  • Book Fair

  • Special Chapel at 9:10 for Middle & High School

Wednesday, November 15
A Day Schedule:  Middle & High School

  • Lower School Chapel 8:10 am

  • Book Fair

Thursday, November 16
B Day Schedule: Middle & High School

  • Book Fair
Friday, November 17
Early Dismissal Schedule:

  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day

  • Book Fair

Saturday, November 18

  • GMEA District Honors Chorus
Monday: Wings

Tuesday: Cheeseburger Casserole

Wednesday: Chicken Sandwich

Thursday: Thanksgiving Meal

Friday: Early Dismissal -
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