Mexican wolf pups
Mexican wolf pups

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April 2018

Red wolf sisters examine their hard-boiled eggs

Enrichment for wolves in captivity

In the wild, wolves encounter enrichment items continually - new sights, new smells, new experiences. We do what we can to approximate the natural world for wolves in captivity by planting trees and shrubs in their enclosures, providing main meals 2-3 times per week (feast or famine), and giving them novel things to explore which stimulate their senses and keen intellect. It may be bloodsicles or essential-oil scented paper tubes or meat-stuffed pumpkins. OR it just might be Easter eggs.   Wolf & Easter egg pictures
The case of the rolling egg
The case of the rolling egg
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Award winning documentary
Award winning documentary

Burbank  REI, Burbank CA

April 29  Environmental Fair
St. James Outreach and Advocacy, Seattle WA

The Grand Cinema, Tacoma WA

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GiveBIG 2018
GiveBIG is a 24-hour online giving event sponsored by The Seattle Foundation to raise funds for area nonprofit organizations. GiveBIG 2018 is Wednesday, May 9 from midnight to midnight Pacific Time (although early online giving begins April 26).   Preview  Wolf Haven's GiveBIG page.

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