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Dear Wolves,

As shared last week, we continue to work on providing more in-person experience for students. Next week, athletic competitions will begin. Based on the Phase 2 limitations and CDC recommendations, we are only allowed 200 people in any facility. This number includes athletes and all support staff such as coaches and officials.

For more specific information, please refer to the LWSD website under Spectators at Sporting Events.

If there is additional capacity, this document outlines the LWSD priority for spectators, by focusing on parents of senior athletes, parents of all athletes and then senior students. For our first week of competitions we will only be allowing parents for home competitions, but will phase high school senior spectators in over the following weeks.

We are still developing the system for signing up to ensure we do not exceed capacity. If you are interested, please look for the upcoming information. Senior students will receive information by email. Parents of athletes will receive information by Final Forms.

We will also be live-streaming varsity volleyball, varsity soccer, and varsity football competitions. Please check our athletics homepage later for links.

If you have questions contact Athletic Director Pat Bangasser or Associate Principal Todd Apple.

Wolf Strong, Pack Strong

Todd Apple, Associate Principal
News From The Den
Eastlake Daily Schedule and Open Building Hours

Daily Schedule - March 8th - 12th. Friday March 12th is a LEAP day. No school for students and no open building hours on Friday March 12th.

Daily schedules for the remainder of the school year are posted on the Eastlake website here.

Parent/Student Access Into Eastlake During Open Hours - Hours and directions here.

Technology Support While School is Remote - link here
Staff Spotlight - Stephanie Bailey

My son is a transfer student from Tesla Stem High School. He had made the decision to move to Eastlake after his sophomore year at Tesla STEM. He went through an extended thought and discussion process over the summer of 2020. By the time he made his decision, the staff were already in the middle of their summer break! I was worried that my son was late in sending in his course selection form. I initially received an out of office response from Stephanie, but just 2 days later she sent my son and I a response with the next steps. She went out of the way to make time to talk to us and reassure us about the transition and also filled us in on the details of the graduation requirements of EHS. She also gave us thoughtful suggestions. Thanks to Stepanie, my son's move to EHS in the middle of the pandemic went smoothly. We couldn't have found a kinder and sweeter counselor and we are very grateful for that!

Thanks and regards,
Gita Akam (mom of Sanjay Akam, 11th grade)

Send a Staff Spotlight to Amy Hill (amhill@lwsd.org) by Thursday at 4 PM, explaining the impact this Eastlake staff member had on you, and it will appear in the next Wolves Weekly Update.
Equity at Eastlake

March 1st is the beginning of Women’s History Month. Women History Month was created to lift up and celebrate the vital role women play in American history. As we move from Black History month and The Day Of Remembrance, we want to highlight the intersectionality of the women’s movement to demonstrate that seeing the world through the lens of those who have been historically left out of our collective narrative is not about isolating those moments for those groups, but turning them into the narrative itself.

Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American law professor coined the term intersectionality in 1989. She explained “Intersectional feminism as, ‘a prism for seeing the way in which various forms of inequality often operate together and exacerbate each other,’ in a recent interview with Time. Intersectional feminism centres the voices of those experiencing overlapping, concurrent forms of oppression in order to understand the depths of the inequalities and the relationships among them in any given context.” (unwomen)

For today, let’s talk about language. In an effort to be inclusive the terms womxn and womyn have begun to appear as alternatives to the term women. However these terms are receiving criticism from the LGBTQ Community. Authors and Activists Blair Imani and Lex Chandra helped clarify in a recent Instagram post “When ‘womxn’ is used as an umbrella term to reference women and people who are not women that’s misgendering. Misgendering is not inclusive it’s harmful. Transgender women are women, cisgender women are women.” They go on to explain “ some may interpret that ‘womxn’ rejects ‘men’ being part of the word ‘women’ and may also use ‘womyn’ as an alternative spelling. ‘Womxn’ is not a synonym for ‘non men’” Their advice for allies “Do the work. Be intentional about the language you use. Are you referring to people that are harmed by the patriarchy? Say that. Are you referring to people that menstruate? Say that. Are you referring to women and gender non binary people? Say that. Don’t just go with the trends, learn what the language implies and whether that is a good or harmful implication.”

We encourage our entire Eastlake community to continue the learning of intersectionality and inclusion with the resources of "When voting rights didn't protect all women" and "Susan B. Anthony Doesn't Deserve "I Voted" Stickers" and to celebrate the ways in which women have changed the course of history.

If you would like to uplift Eastlake's own Women's Leadership Club, we are hosting a painting session (led by an amazing student artist) on March 17th from 4:30-5:45. Please email Crystal Visperas at cvisperas@lwsd.org or fill out this survey to find out more details. There will be opportunities for mutual aid to women, trans women and femme-led organizations! Check us out at eastlake_womensleadership on Instagram!

You could also get involved with Eastlake’s own Girls Who Code. Girls Who Code is an organization that is fighting the gender gap in STEM. Join them as they compete in the app building competition Technovation. For more information contact Ms. Klaka at eklaka@lwsd.org

-Rachelle Horner
Eastlake Athletics

Eastlakewolves.org is our new source for schedules and standings.

Fall Sport Athletes - Payment due

Payments for sports can now be made online https://payments.lwsd.org/. All payment must be made by Monday March 8th or you will be held out of practice & competition.Due is $100 LWSD Participation and $50 ASB fee.

Instructions for Online payment are on the Eastlake Athletics page here. Just a reminder that payments are made through LWSD online payments not in FinalForms.

If you have a fine that is blocking your payment or need financial assistance please cotact Karen Guinasso kguinasso@lwsd.org
Microphone and Camera Issues in Teams

If students are having difficulty with their microphone or camera in Teams here is a trouble shooting guide that could help. If these steps don’t fix it contact

Family Technology Access. 425-936-1322 or email at ftaccess@lwsd.org and include school name, student name, grade, and technology problem.

-Kathleen Story
EHS Drama

Congratulations to the following students for winning awards in the Washington State Thespian Competition!
Superior Overall Scores

*Solo Musical*

Ana Hiciano de Gongora
Celine Athan
Ellie Unger
Hila Tor
Jimena Portillo
Regina Basave Jazmin
Tenille Manson
Excellent Overall Scores

*Solo Musical*

Milan Shetty
Emily Stuart

Emily Stuart

*Duet Musical*
Connor Rector and Tony Pierson

*Group Musical*
Regina Basave Jazmin, Connor Rector and Tony Pierson
Eastlake’s Counseling Center News

Junior Meetings

Junior Meetings with counselors are underway! At this time of the school year, counselors are meeting with juniors to discuss plans beyond high school, whether planning for college or otherwise. How to schedule your junior meeting:

1- Watch the Junior Meeting presentation that was held during Wolf Time A on March 2nd. A recording of the session is HERE

2- Review the EHS Post High School Guidebook found on our website HERE

3-Complete the Junior Meeting Survey, so your counselor can prepare information needed for your meeting with them HERE

4- Schedule your 15–30-minute junior meeting through Bookings HERE (Click on your alpha counselor and the bookings link will appear)

AP Testing
The district is working closely with College Board to Finalize testing dates and test formats. At this time, we do know that all AP tests for LWSD will occur in the Administration 2 & 3 test window. Additional information should be available next week-stay tuned!

World Language Testing
We have one World Language proficiency test dates left for the 2020-21 school year! The remaining test date is:

Child Mind Institute
While we are inching closer to more normalcy in our lives, this pandemic has taken a toll on all of us to varying degrees at times. Click HERE to learn more about the signs of depression, how you as a parent/student can work through a hard time and additional supports that may be of use. And as always, please reach out to your counselor if you need to talk more and find access to additional supports!

Parents: What you need to know about teens, marijuana, vaping & street drugs
Join us for an online event on March 9th to hear from one LWSD parents' story and what they want you to know, learn more about different drugs and how teens are accessing them, how to talk to your teen and much more! Click HERE to view the flyer and to register to attend!

College & Career Center News

Eastlake Post-High School Guidebook
Find some of our best post-high school planning resources in a new Eastlake Post-High School Guidebook. It’s packed with resources, tips, and links for post-high school options, college planning to do’s, money matters, timelines and more.

Live Wednesday
Live Wednesday March 10, 2021, Virtual Engineering Career Panel at 1:30 pm
Our guests: Ed Gudis, BS and MS Electrical Engineering, 20+ years of experience working on hardware and silicon chips in computer vision and communications networking, including UAVs, submarines, military vehicles, cable TV, 4G cellphones, and more. Mr. Gudis is currently a Silicon Design Manager at Facebook building chips for futuristic augmented reality glasses; Rahul Bhardwaj, BS in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University 2018, is currently a Mechanical Engineer at Facebook designing mechanical components for next generation AR glasses. Previously Rahul was a summer intern and then full-time employee at Amazon as a structures engineer working on their delivery drones where he conducted structural analysis, composite design, and wrote code to optimize vehicle designs. Rahul did his freshman year at Purdue before transferring to Carnegie Mellon to finish his degree; Alexandra Zea, BS in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech, is a Systems Engineer at Boeing creating next generation of aerospace vehicles – from satellites launched into space to unpiloted aerial vehicles, commercial airplanes, military airplanes, and everything in between. Alex has had the opportunity to work on multiple Boeing products at sites around the world and most recently joined the team in St. Louis to develop Boeing’s future products. Join us for this Live Event.

Scholarship Spotlight
Sammamish Rotary Scholarships, Deadline March 20, 2021
The Sammamish Rotary Club of Sammamish awards up to one college scholarship for each of the three city of Sammamish high schools including their affiliated home-schooled students. Each selected student is awarded a scholarship of up to $4,000 over the expected length of their specific college program. Learn more.

Opportunity Spotlight
Virtual Marine and Environmental Sciences College Fair
March 27, 2021, 9 am-3 pm
The Ocean Institute’s Virtual Marine and Environmental Sciences College Fair includes presentations, small session chats, student and alumni panels, and exhibits focused on post high school, college and career opportunities.

WANIC (Washington Network for Innovative Careers) Virtual Open House
March 9, 2021 at 5:30-7:00 pm
Features WANIC’s Auto Technology, Building Industry Technology, Cisco Networking, Culinary Arts, Dental Careers, DigiPen Art & Animation, DigiPen Music & Sound Design, DigiPen Video Game Programming, Fire & EMS, Health Science Careers (Nursing), Medical Careers, Sports Medicine and more through this virtual open house.

University of Washington Foster Young Women’s Leadership Summit
April 1, 2021 Priority Application Deadline for July summer session
This Leadership Summit is targeted at rising high school seniors who identify as female. Students in this program will explore the world of business through workshops and discussions with faculty, alumni, current students, and professionals. The focus of the Summit is to introduce students to the Finance, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Information Systems. Students will also learn about professionalism, leadership, and what to expect in a college business setting. The 2021 YWLS will be fully virtual and will take place from July 7 to July 30, 2021. Learn about the selection criteria and apply.

College and Career Calendar
Find the latest on events, contests, scholarships and more on the College and Career Center calendar.
400 228th Ave N.E.,
Sammamish, WA 98074

Main office (425) 936-1500
Attendance (425) 936-1539