Eastlake Credo: At Eastlake, through intentional actions, we create an environment where students and staff feel safe, appreciated and loved.This is Eastlake.This is home. This is family.
Dear Wolves,

We are excited that over 1000 students will return to Eastlake on Monday, while we simultaneously remain committed to serving students who chose to still learn remotely. Although instruction will be concurrent, meaning teachers will be serving in-person and remote students at the same time, the intent is that in-person students will interact with one another and do other hands-on learning that can’t be replicated in an online setting, as long as they do it in a safe and socially distanced way.

Our teachers have been working all week to understand both the technology and pedagogy of concurrent instruction. We have an amazing staff who will once again figure it out. We already went through this learning curve twice. Last Spring, we had to figure out asynchronous learning. This Fall we had to figure out synchronous remote instruction on Microsoft Teams. However, it will once again take patience as we learn by doing.

Here is the student schedule. Here are some important parts to note.

Attestation – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:00-7:30

We have a plan to process 1033 students through attestation and a temperature check in a short time frame, using multiple entrances and lots of staff. To minimize congestion, each student will be assigned an entrance based on their first class of the day. After receiving this information, students will need to confirm the location of their classes in Skyward, as we are currently updating rooms to accommodate remote teachers.

On Friday, we will send out more detailed information about safety protocols for the reopening. However, some important reminders will allow us to start school in a safe and timely way.

  1. We need all students to complete the online attestation prior to arriving to school (more details on Friday).
  2. We need all students to arrive early in order to proceed through attestation.
  3. Students need to enter at their designated location.
  4. After entering Eastlake, we need students to go directly to the first period of the day.

Pack Time and Wolf Time – Tuesday and Friday from 8:45-9:55

On Tuesdays directly after Period 2, we will have a 20-minute weekly Pack Time, where we will show Pack News and ensure all students sign up for Wolf Times using Flexisched. This will also provide time for teachers to check in with students and answer any questions. On April 20, we will have an extended Pack Time to cover both safety procedures and Flexisched for students. Click here for the first weeks schedule.

During all three Wolf Times, students must sign up via Flexisched to attend a Wolf Time session. If they plan to attend a remote teacher’s Wolf Time, they will stay in their second period class. To start, Wolf Time will be mandatory for in-person students and optional for remote students, unless they have been teacher requested.

Remote Teacher Coverage

LWSD and Eastlake have accommodated the request of 15 teachers to stay remote, and in these situations, we have placed a current Eastlake teacher in the classroom to provide support and supervision for in-person students and work together with the remote teacher to serve in-person and remote students concurrently.

Here is a list of the teachers staying remote and the teachers covering those classes.

Wolf Strong, Pack Strong

-Chris Bede, Principal
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Sammamish, WA 98074

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