Eastlake Credo: At Eastlake, through intentional actions, we create an environment where students and staff feel safe, appreciated and loved.This is Eastlake.This is home. This is family.
Dear Wolves,

A long dormant building started to come alive this week as teachers returned to set up their classrooms and Link Leaders led tours for our current 9th graders, many of whom had not yet been to Eastlake. It’s the people that transform a building into a school, and we remain incredibly excited to start back with some students in-person. At the same time, we remain committed to those who chose to stay remote for the remainder of the year.

Unfortunately, we know some students chose to stay remote because they do not feel emotionally safe to return. As one Asian-American student stated, “A lot of the students staying remote are part of the Asian community. We are afraid of being threatened, harassed, or blamed for the pandemic. I feel much safer at home.”

Eastlake loves and supports our Asian-American and Pacific-Islander community, and I am personally committed to doing whatever it takes to make all of them feel safe to return to school. Wolf Strong, Pack strong means we look out for each other and reach out to one another in times of need, and right now we need to show solidarity with our AAPI staff and students.

Our Opportunity, Equity and Inclusion Department has additional resources for supporting our AAPI community.

Here is more information about the LWSD policies and programs around Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB). This includes information on how to formally report HIB issues. Informal reports can be made to any Eastlake Staff or Administrator.

Next week during Pack Time, we will cover this information with students to mobilize them as bystanders as well.

Eastlake Teachers and Administration take all reports of racism seriously. Teachers have recently participated in professional learning around how to intervene when these issues occur at school. Administration will immediately follow up to hold aggressors accountable while providing an opportunity for education and restoration.

We are going to build Eastlake back better than ever!


-Chris Bede, Principal
News From The Den
Eastlake Daily Schedule and Open Building Hours

Please note the EHS Concurrent Student Schedule for a regular 5 day week here

Daily schedules for the remainder of the school year are posted on the Eastlake website here.

Parent/Student Access Into Eastlake During Open Hours - Hours and directions here.

Technology Support - link here
Return to School


Remember your mask!

Masks are required for all in-person students and staff members in Lake Washington School District. They must be worn to ride the bus or enter the school. Wear your mask at the bus stop. While schools and bus drivers have extra masks if something happens to yours, they do not have enough to provide new masks to students every day. Please remind your child to come to school each day with a mask.


We need students to go into Skyward every morning to complete their attestation before coming to school. They can do this on their laptops or on their phones using the Skyward app. Students should do this even when they are absent. If they don’t, it’s possible there could be a delay in their return to school.

If your student cannot complete attestation in the morning when absent, then please immediately call (425-936-1500) or email our attendance secretary to explain the reason for the absence. We must learn quickly whether the absence is COVID-related.

Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains how to use the Skyward Wellness program on a laptop or the Skyward mobile app. The attached file explains the same information in a Word document. Again, we really need students to complete their digital attestation before they come to school.

What to Expect When Students go to School

Student attestation will start at 7:10 each morning. We encourage students to enter through the wing closest to their 1st or 2nd period; we will be open at the end of the C-Wing, D-Wing, and E- Wing class. Many students will also enter through our main entrance in front, or at the bus loading zone and also our back entrance. At 7:25 the wing entrances will close. Our main entrance will remain open.

When students arrive at school and approach the attestation table they need to open their laptop or show their cell phone. The Skyward Wellness program will display a green check mark if they can enter or a red X if they cannot. If they do not show this on their laptop or cell phone then they can print this student attestation form at home and hand it to a staff member at one of our entrances. Then a staff member will check their temperature.

The Skyward Wellness program only works one time each day. If students leave the building and then return, they must complete the paper attestation form and have their temperature checked again.

Inside the school students must remain on the right side of the hallways and stairs. They must go directly to class with no stopping to visit with anyone. If they use the restrooms we are allowing up to two students at a time to be standing inside (two people in addition to anyone in a stall). If a student starts to enter a restroom and sees two people they must stand on the social distancing marker on the floor and wait until someone leaves.

Students can use the water fountains in the hallways. There is no eating or drinking inside the classrooms. If a student needs to eat or drink during class time they can ask permission to step into the hallway briefly, remain near the door, quickly eat or drink, then come back into the classroom.

Lunch will be grab and go, in boxes or bags, and is free for every student. Our tables in the Upper and Lower Commons are marked; up to three students can sit at each table and maintain appropriate distance. Students can also eat outside.

COVID Symptoms

LWSD school nurses are required to track all students who are symptomatic or exposed to COVID-19. We assess each case individually based on the LWSD COVID Safety Plan guidelines and determine the earliest return to school date for each person. If your student has one of the following symptoms they cannot be on campus: fever, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle pain or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion/runny nose, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea. They should mark ‘yes’ in the Skyward attestation to show they have a symptom(s), or ‘no’ if they don’t have any.

If your student has seasonal allergies, please consult their pediatrician who can recommend preventative treatments to alleviate symptoms. If they develop symptoms at school, they will be sent home.

We sincerely appreciate your help in keeping all our staff and students safe during this pandemic. If you have questions please reach out to our school nurse Shelley O’Rourke MSN, RN sorourke@lwsd.org

COVID Positive Students

If your student tests positive for COVID-19 please notify Shelley O’Rourke immediately. She will need to talk to you about next steps, and she will need to talk to your student and his/her teachers about contact tracing. If your student is a close contact of any other student who is confirmed to have COVID-19 we will notify you quickly. It’s important that you notify us immediately if your student tests positive because this impacts the health and safety of others.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

We’d like our students to know that we have two gender neutral restrooms available for them. While we have plenty of boys and girls restrooms throughout our school, students also have gender neutral restrooms available if they’d like. Both are located in the Counseling Center.
Return to School - Attendance

Student attendance is based on the type of learning that the student has selected:
  • A student that has selected in-person learning will be marked present if that student is physically in class and absent if that student is not physically in class.
  • A student that has selected fully remote will be marked present if they attend the synchronous (live) lesson in Classroom Teams and will be marked absent if they do not attend the synchronous lesson.

A student that has selected in-person learning who does not physically come to school but does log on to the synchronous lesson remotely will be marked absent. The student will be allowed to participate, as we want students to be engaged in their learning, but will be marked absent as this allows for communication between the school and family to inform them that their student did not physically come to school that day via an automated call.

It is imperative that all in-person students complete the daily attestation, even if they will not show up in person that day. We need to immediately and personally follow up with every absent in-person student who does not fill out attestation to ensure it is not Covid related. Completing the attestation process even when absent makes this more manageable for Eastlake.

There may be instances where a student is unable to pass the attestation process and is not allowed to physically come to school. These students will be provided an excused absence and encouraged to participate in their synchronous class remotely to continue to engage with their learning. In instances where a student will be required to remain away from campus for extended time, the school may convene a support team to consider shifting the student to a fully remote learning model.
Wolf Time

Wolf Time allows students to access extra support from their teachers during the school day, as well as make up missed labs, assignments, or tests. Wolf Time is designed to mitigate stress and provide some balance in our students' busy lives. Utilizing Wolf Time each week can reduce the time needed outside of the school day to complete homework and get the help needed for success in their classes.

Click here for a breakdown of what Wolf Time will look like for Tuesday April 20th and Friday April 23rd.

Remote Students and Teachers Wolf Time

  • In-person students who wish to sign up for a remote teacher’s Wolf Time will sign up for their own 2nd period teacher. If their 2nd period teacher is a remote teacher, they should sign up for one of their other teachers and inform them that they are working with a remote teacher.
  • In-person students working with remote teachers can join a Teams Meeting to communicate with their remote teachers. These students should be cognizant of network capacity limitations – turn off video, etc. These students should also use headphones during this time.
  • Remote teachers who wish to request an in-person student will request them for the student’s 2nd period teacher.

Free Student Lunches

Free lunch will be available to all students beginning April 19th. In order to provide as safe an environment as possible, lunches will be grab and go. We will be offering a choice of 6 hot entrees daily along with a fruit, vegetable and milk. Come and get a free meal! Please note, lunches will be not be available on Wednesdays.

Technology Items - Library

Laptops: In person students may experience some laptop issues once they are on campus reconnecting to the school network. After not being on the school network for some time it may take a while for the network to “talk” to the laptop. Teachers know about this and will be flexible for student needs. Students please contact Family Technology Access (FTA) if you need any of the following. FTA contact information and directions are on the EHS Technology Website.

  • Charger
  • Stylus Pen
  • Laptop Repair

Headsets for Remote Learning 
Does your student need a headset for in person or remote learning? If so fill out this Headset Request Form to request a headset. When the headset arrives a library staff member will contact you with details about when/how to pick it up.

Student Materials – pick up and drop off

Remote students can come to Eastlake on Mondays between1:00pm-3:00pm; Wednesdays between 9:00am-3:00pm; and Fridays between 1:00pm-3:00pm to pick up or drop off materials.

If picking up materials from an in-person teacher, students will sign in at the attestation table before picking up materials from the teacher’s classroom. Students should coordinate with the teacher for time and location.

If picking up materials from a remote teacher, students will sign in at the attestation table and go to the Main Office. Families can also call ahead if the materials are from a remote teacher. The office staff will have the materials waiting at the main office. Calling ahead can only be used when picking up materials from a remote teacher.
EHS Student Parking

If your 10th, 11th, or 12th grade student is planning to drive to school as of 4/19/21- please complete the Parking Application link below. For this year only, we are not charging for Parking Permits and we are allowing 10th grade students to park on campus, but all vehicles must be registered through this form. We will have more info regarding the Parking Permit Hangtags as we get closer to the 19th. Thank you for completing this as soon as possible:

No SBA Testing this Spring

Washington State students will not take the Smarter Balanced Assessment this school year for Math or English Language Arts and they will not take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science. Instead, our students will take a shorter version of these tests in the fall. We will learn soon about a proposed waiver for seniors who hoped to use these tests to meet their graduation pathway. For more information please see this news release.

-Todd Apple
Class of 2021

Important Dates for Seniors - here

Graduation is Thursday June 10th at 5:00PM - T -Mobile Park

Graduation and Convocation - Speakers & Performers Needed
Applications due April 26th!

We are looking for Seniors to participate in Graduation and Convocation. We need student speakers, artists and performers. Please complete the application and email to Darin Fisher (dafisher@lwsd.org). Applications are due by April 26th. You will receive an email on April 20th to your school email with your scheduled audition time to be held on Wed, April 21st via Teams.

If you are applying as a performance group, you can submit a video performance to Ms. Fisher. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Fisher (dafisher@lwsd.org)

For more information regarding Convocation please see the blurb from the EHS PTSA

Destination Day Submissions due by May 1, 2021

Let us know what’s next for you by completing the Destination Day Student Submission Form to be included in our Class of 2021 Destination Day video celebration later this spring. If you don’t have an LWSD email address, please email us your name, next destination, major and photo to EHS-DestinationDay@lwsd.org. We will also be using Destination Day submissions to create a senior pennant display on the windows of the Eastlake Commons.

Senior Scholarship Reporting for Commencement Submissions
due by May 5th
Let us know about any college or outside scholarships you've won here.

Senior Military Information Reporting for Commencement Submissions due by May 5th
Let us know about your enlistment, ROTC scholarship, Academy nomination, or Academy selection here.

Eastlake PTSA - Celebrating Seniors

The Eastlake PTSA is excited to celebrate this year’s seniors! Check the Eastlake PTSA website for information about the events and opportunities listed below.

Convocation Performance Auditions

Is your senior interested in submitting a performance to be shown at Convocation? Please have them look at the PTSA Convocation Page for details on how to submit an audition form. The deadline has been extended and application forms are now due April 26 with auditions held April 28.

Senior Clips

New this year, we are collecting Senior Clips – short video clips from our seniors that will be shown at Convocation. Details here, We need those by May 1st.

Senior Slideshow - Send us your Photos

Reminder that PTSA wants your senior’s baby and current photo for their traditional Senior Slide Show! More details and instructions on how to send the photos to the PTSA are on the PTSA Convocation Page. Deadline to send in photos is May 15.
Class of 2021 Yard Sign

If you are looking to announce to the world that your student is graduating, get your Class of 2021 Yard Sign today. This sign was designed by Angelina Yu, a class of 2021 Eastlake student, and chosen by her fellow seniors.
Community Service - Day of Service May 15th

This year the annual community Day of Service will be on Saturday, May 15th for complete information please visit the EHS Community Service Program page on our website here.
Sammamish Rotary Student of the Month – April 2021

The World Language-French Department is proud to announce the April Rotary Student of the Month – Saanvi Nanda. Saanvi speaks 3 languages (English, Oriya and Hindu) and is studying to become fluent in French. Ms. Egashira and Ms. Craig say: “Saanvi exhibits a strong work ethic and a passion for learning. As a kind-hearted, gracious, and reliable person, she is an excellent role model for her peers. She participates readily in class, inspires others through her enthusiastic nature, and always asks thought-provoking questions. Saanvi demonstrates the very best of our Eastlake values every day. We are lucky to have her as a member of The Pack!”

You can find Saanvi supporting the DECA Team, Eastlake Random Acts of Kindness Club, Math and Computer Science Honor Societies, and TSA competitions as well as having fun with the EHS Badminton Team. Saanvi would like to pursue studies in computer science and digital marketing.

Congratulations Saanvi, we are thrilled to have you in the Pack!
Eastlake High School Drama Presents EDGES

Edges is a song-cycle about four burgeoning adults asking classic coming-of-age questions. Written by Tony-nominated Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (Dogfight, James and the Giant Peach) in their sophomore year at the University of Michigan, this charming, witty and honest examination of adulthood explores what happens when we are teetering on the edges of our lives.

Edges is free of charge!

Friday April 16th @ 7PM
Saturday April 17th @ 1PM
Friday April 23rd @ 7PM
Saturday April 24th at 1PM

Click here to register for the time you want to watch Edges!
Eastlake Athletics

Eastlakewolves.org is your source for schedules and standings.

EHS Website - Athletics

Visit the Eastlake website - Athletics for complete information about sports offered, season dates and much more! Winter Sports - Spring Sports.

Deadline to Register for Spring Sports is April 29th
Registration takes place in Final Forms.
The following sports will begin try-outs and practice on Monday, May 3:
  • Badminton (girls)
  • Baseball*
  • Fast-pitch
  • Girls’ Golf*
  • Boys Soccer*
  • Girls’ Tennis
  • Track & Field
*= Cut Sport

Find all EHS Sports Info here: https://ehs.lwsd.org/athletics

Payments are being accepted for Spring sports now. At this time you can only pay for non cut sports, Once rosters are set for cut sports the LWSD participation fee & and ASB fee will be applied to your students account for you to pay. All payments are made here https://payments.lwsd.org/.

FinalForms Tip - When you select a sport for your student there will be additional information that is required from the parent. Please make sure you complete anything that is listed in RED, then please remind your student to log into their LWSD email, open the email from FinalForms and follow the instructions to electronically sign their portion of the forms. If you do this all at once it helps prevents Mrs. Hill sending reminders your way :).

Physicals - You receive emails from FinalForms reminding when your students physical will be expiring, please pay attention to these reminders!. A physical must be valid the entire season in which you are registering your student for!
Eastlake Club News

Technology Student Asssociation (TSA)
Eastlake Technology Student Association (TSA) members competed at the Washington TSA State Conference held between March 24 and 27th. Many of our members placed in the top 5 for High School Events.

Congratulations to: Aadya Bhat, Hanshal Dabbiru, Lyle Deng, Isabella Duan, Linuki Gunasekara, Emma Huang, Shahzaman Hussain, Ellana Jackson, Haley Jackson, Aman Khan, Sean Lin, Bhavya Linga, Sagunya Malhotra, Rohinee Mattikalli, Abhika Mishra, Saanvi Nanda, Sheshank Shankar, Dhanshika Vijayaraj, Nathan Yap, and Helena Zheng.

Additionally, Eastlake TSA would like to congratulate Rohinee Mattikalli for being elected as Washington TSA's State Secretary.

Eastlake Computer Honor Society (CSHS) - event for Middle School Students
Eastlake’s Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS) is hosting its first ever district-wide Hack-a-Thon for middle schoolers. Along with other members of CS Council, This event is spearheaded by Anya Yerramilli and Sagunya Malhotra along with other members of the CS council This fun and educational event will take place from April 13th to April 30th. The event was kickstarted on April 13th with workshops intended to teach app design, basic coding skills and user interface design to the participants. This is followed by the hack-a-thon competition starting on the 19th of April, with an Opening Ceremony.

This event is being conducted across 10 LWSD Middle Schools and over 230 students are expected to participate. Teams of up to 5 middle school students can sign up to compete. Each team will have until April 22nd to create a computer application of their choice based on one of the three themes. Winners will be announced at an Awards and Closing Ceremony on April 30th.

Nolan Dost, a user interface designer at Grumbismal Games, will be the guest speaker on April 21. He will be talking to students about his experience in app design and career paths in the real world."

If you have middle school students interested in the program, use this link to register:
Eastlake Counseling Center News

Counselors Covering for the Remainder of the Year.
The Counseling Department would like to welcome Andrew Fabry and Devin Blanchard to our team! Mr. Fabry will be filling in for Taylor Erickson (REE-TAY) while he is out of paternity leave through the remainder of the school year and Ms. Blanchard will be filling in for Melanie Conroy (CARS-EL), currently out on maternity leave through the end of the school year. Please see their bio’s on the Eastlake Counseling webpage to learn a little more about them.

Continue to use Bookings Link to meet with your Counselor
As we move to in person instruction this week, the counselors will continue to request that students use their counselor’s Bookings link to set up an appointment with them. Please visit the Counseling page to find more information on the EHS Counseling webpage. For health and safety reasons, the counseling office will be open for students needing to access the health room and/or the gender neutral restroom, or have an emergency that requires immediate attention. We ask that for all other requests and questions that you email your counselor.

Last Chance Agreement
Students and Parents will receive an email in early May notifying them of the opportunity to make any adjustments to their course requests they selected for the 2021-2022 school year. This window to request changes will run from May 3rd-10th. Students will be asked to submit their requests through a Microsoft Form. It is important that students take the time to review their course selections for next year as schedule changes will be limited to specific reasons come fall.

Planning on doing Running Start next year? Important Deadline!
f you are a current sophomore or junior interested in pursuing Running Start next year, you need to email your counselor as soon as possible if you have not already. If you want more information on Running Start, please visit our website We are asking that you let your counselor know you are interested in doing Running Start on or before Friday, May 7th. The sooner you begin this process, the better chance you have of enrolling in the classes you are most interested in for fall quarter at the college as classes are filling up fast!

College & Career Center News

Congratulations Eastlake Western Aerospace Scholars
Eastlake juniors, Hanshal Dabbiru, Lyle Deng, Diya Kumar, Kayla Smith, successfully completed Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS) Phase One curriculum and are now qualified to participate in Phase Two – the WAS Summer Experience. WAS is designed to connect high school juniors with educational and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through independent learning, hands-on interaction, professional guidance, and site-based tours. Phase One, a five-month course consisting of seven NASA and University of Washington designed lessons. Successful completion of the curriculum can earn the students 5 UW credits in Earth and Space Science and a potential invitation to the Summer Residency where student teams cooperate to plan a human mission to Mars with support from engineers/scientists, university students, and educators. Summer participants also receive briefings from aerospace professionals, virtually tour engineering facilities, and compete in hands-on engineering challenges at home. Are you a rising junior interested in next year’s WAS program? Applications will open in the fall. Find details on this and other career-connected opportunities on the EHS College & Career Team.

Opportunity Spotlight
Sound Careers in Healthcare, Charting Real Options in a Virtual World, April 26-30, 2021 at 3-4:30 pm
This is a free, online Health Careers Exploration event for high school students in King and Pierce Counties. Join for a day or all week. Learn more.

Washington Artificial Intelligence Summit, May 29, 2021
The Girls Computing League invites students to join the Washington Artificial Intelligence Summit, an interactive artificial intelligence conference focused on applications in biotechnology, education, and cybersecurity. Students will gain exposure to the rapidly growing field through hands-on workshops and panels led by industry professionals. Learn more and register.

Scholarship Spotlight
Eastside Windermere Foundation Scholarship
This $1500 one-time scholarship is designed to encourage and recognize seniors who show determination in continuing their education and contributing to society through community service, especially in regard to the homeless of those at risk of becoming homeless. Selection criteria: financial need, community service (or other activities to include a job, caring for siblings, etc.). Post-secondary plans must be in-state (public or private),Learn more.

Kaiser Permanente Health Equity Scholars Program
This program aims to build healthier communities by helping students achieve their dreams of going to college and pursuing careers in healthcare. Scholarship awards will be in the amount of $5,000 and are non-renewable. GPA 2.5+, demonstrated interest in pursuing a clinical or non-clinical career in the healthcare industry. Preference given to students with demonstrated financial need and/or from underrepresented communities. Learn more.

Washington State Opportunity Career and Technical Scholarship
The Career and Technical Scholarship (CTS) supports Washington students on their path to high-demand trade, STEM and health care occupations. To be eligible, Scholars must enroll in an approved program, such as welding, manufacturing or IT, at one of Washington’s 34 community and technical colleges. Scholars are eligible to receive up to $1,500 each quarter for the duration of their associate degree, certificate or apprenticeship program. These scholarship funds are flexible and can be used to cover tuition, fees and other costs of attendance such as housing, transportation, food and more. Learn more

College and Career Calendar
Find the latest on events, contests, scholarships and more on the College and Career Center calendar.
400 228th Ave N.E.,
Sammamish, WA 98074

Main office (425) 936-1500
Attendance (425) 936-1539